Wednesday Writing: The Start of a New Book

You know how Instagram/Twitter has those daily hashtags? I thought I’d start one today, so every Wednesday, there will be a Wednesday Writing post to keep you updated (you’re more than welcome to do your own WW posts, of course!).

It’s a gloomy, rainy day here in Appalachia and I’ve just finished my cuppa tea, so I thought it’d be a perfect day to start writing the sequel to She Falls Asleep. You can read the prologue here and how I came up with the idea here. How is there going to be a sequel when *spoiler alert* one of the main characters dies in that book? Well, in the world of any art, stories can be told from any point of view. That’s where Down Goes Another One will come in.

As I’ve mentioned before, “She Falls Asleep” is a song off of McFly’s Wonderland album. Their second album, to be exact. In their fourth album (which also happens to be my favorite album of theirs), there is a song called “Down Goes Another One,” which is sung in first person from the boy in “She Falls Asleep.”

I’m pretty stoked to get back into the whole writing groove and I’ll be sharing bits with you throughout the process each Wednesday.


14 thoughts on “Wednesday Writing: The Start of a New Book

    1. Thank you!! And the same goes for you!

      The thing about writing, for me, is that, the process in itself gives me a sense of serenity (seems weird to say since writing can also be extremely stressful). It’s always the first sentence or paragraph that’s tough for me, but afterwards, words just flow. I let my thoughts/ideas flow onto the page and somehow, it works.

      The most important thing is to definitely not overthink when you write. I have this habit of stopping after each paragraph or quote, if a person is speaking, to check the grammar or the way it’s written. But then I stopped. I’d wait until the chapter is finished, read through it once or twice to make sure it’s what I want, and then continue on. I honestly didn’t worry about my book until it was completely finished. And…it also doesn’t hurt to listen to some good, inspirational music whilst writing!

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      1. That is great advice. I find the best blog posts I write come from a simple sentence that erupted out of a meditation session. Once I get that first sentence out the rest flows out like water. I like the idea of just letting it be until its finished.


      2. Being new to this I find your process inspired. I dream of reaching a large audience and ultimately receiving money for this work so that I can do only it. I am a writer. I cannot live my life denying this anymore.


      3. That’s exactly how I feel! I did the whole college thing and studied marine biology. Even though my heart was in it, my mind couldn’t take it, so I reverted back to my other love: writing. This is basically where I belong.

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      4. This is still very new to me, too. Like, I don’t have a following or anything. I’m simply writing because I love it and it feels right. I’m pretty sure the only people who’ve bought my book are my friends…

        I guess this will be my advice to both of us: be genuine to yourself. Don’t write something just because you think it’ll sell. Think outside the box (that’s what I did with my book).

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      5. When I meditate I envision myself signing copies of my book. I can feel the paper under my hand and hear the squeaking of the Sharpie as I write out my name. my book lives in my head still and is not ready to be published, but I’m hopeful that one day it will happen. I watch you with interest and inspiration.


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