Writing Wednesday: First Glance at The Beautiful Effect

I know that it’s essentially been an entire week since my last post, and I apologize. I’ve had a pretty crappy week and my mind wasn’t exactly in the best place. But I’m back now, and I am NOT going to starve you of a #WritingWednesday post.

I’ve decided to re-write the beginning. I’m pretty sure this is the third time, but now I’ve written more than the first chapter and I’m quite happy with how the story’s unfolding so far. I don’t want to share too much, so here’s a snipped of the re-written first chapter!

Freshman Year – Halsey

“Shit!” I spat as I race out of my dorm room with a packet of Poptarts in one hand, and a tumbler of black pomegranate tea in the other.

Leave it to me to not turn on the alarm I had already set last night. Typical Halsey. I would be forgetful and do something like that. I didn’t even bother to change out of the striped pyjama pants and maroon tank top I had worn to sleep. I just slipped on a jean jacket and pair of black gladiator sandals before grabbing my backpack, the food, and bolting out of Wilson Hall.

They just had to put me all the way in a dorm on West Green when I’m an English major, I think to myself as I run up the escalators of Baker Center. Who the hell rooms an English major in the dorms surrounding the engineering and biological sciences departments? It’s gonna be a pain in the ass for me to walk up to Ellis Hall every day since it’s on the other side of campus.

I reach my Freshman Composition class completely winded and embarrassed as the entire class and my professor, who also happens to be my adviser, stares. I feel my cheeks turn a deep crimson as I look into her chocolate brown eyes.

“You must be Miss Benson,” she kindly greets, giving me a warm smile. “Halsey, right?”

I nervously return a smile as I respond, “Yup. That’s me.”

“We’re going over the syllabus right now. You can take the seat beside Mr. Harris,” she instructs whilst tucking a loose strand of her curly chestnut locks behind her ear.

My eyes widen in shock as I glance at the familiar raven-haired “Mr. Harris” sitting beside the vacant seat. Sebastian Harris was the president of our graduating class and captain of the soccer team, therefore he was way too cool to be speaking to a drama club writing nerd like me. His crystal blue eyes light up once my butt touches the chair.

“Hey Halsey! You look…um…”

“I look like crap and I know it. It’s okay, Sebastian,” I retort after taking a swig of my tea. It’s become warm from waiting too long. I hate lukewarm tea.

“Chill, Hals! Someone didn’t boil their water hot enough,” he fights back. “And please, call me Seb like everyone else. I know we didn’t really talk much during high school, but maybe we can wipe the slate clean. It’d be nice to have a few friends here.”

I furrow my eyebrows in confusion.

“Isn’t like, half of our class attending Ohio University?” I ask before deciding to chug the rest of my tea. There’s no use in letting it sit out when it’s basically already cold.

“Yeah, but all of my friends are either out of the state or at OSU,” he sighs. “Besides, Hilary’s at Miami.”

I mouth “oh” and he lets out a slight chuckle. By the time I start paying attention to anything Dr. Clifford says, she has gone through the entire syllabus. Rather than letting us out of class early (we have forty-five minutes left and she only took fifteen), she has the entire class do introductions. My heart skips a beat once my turn arrives. Nervously, I rise from my seat and scan the room, taking in Dr. Clifford and my nineteen peers.


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