Why Write?

Writing: my getaway, my favorite place, where I put the world away. (If anyone listens to 5 Seconds of Summer, I know that these words are from “Disconnected.”)

It’s something that has kept me sane over college (I really regret not going to school for creative writing now) because I’d turn to it whenever I felt like I was dealing with too much.

Writing is essentially something that the writer can control. We become slaves to our creative thoughts as we put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard. It can be therapeutic and stressful, depending on how you use it. You can rant about the day’s events in a diary, be forced to write a paper for school, a book/poem/etc. for leisure or work…anything.

Regardless of how the writing comes out, it’ll always represent a little piece of you because nobody else can write the way you do. Nobody else could form words in the exact manner as you. Nobody else thinks the way you do. So write because you can to express yourself, not because you’re forced to do so.


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