Writing Wednesday: “Down Goes Another One” Excerpt

, I know I haven’t been the best at blogging lately, but I would never miss a #WritingWednesday. Today’s bit of writing comes from the latest chapter of Down Goes Another One. In this scene, Luca is at Cassadee’s siblings’ graduation party. Everyone’s having a good time, but he’s left moping about and wondering why he can’t let her go. I really like this scene because Van’s girlfriend, Katie MacArthur, comes in and just talks to Luca, commencing their friendship. She’s going to be a crucial character throughout the rest of the story since the two are going to the same school, so seeing where this new found friendship takes off from here will be exciting. I hope you enjoy this excerpt!

A genuinely happy smile spreads across Cam’s face as he takes Harlow’s hand and follows her to the now dance floor. I watch as everyone dances the night away to shitty electro-pop music. I’m not sad that I’m the only one not paired off. I’m more annoyed. Why can’t I be happy with anyone else? Why do I have to feel so goddamn miserable and shy away from any girl who shows interest in me?

Cassadee, I think to myself as I pour some vodka into my cup. I blink my eyes and see her all dressed up for senior prom. The way that her long, black hair is elegantly braided and the light in her emerald eyes as she looks at me is enough to take my breath away. But here she is, wearing the stunning strapless purple dress that hugs her body in all the right places and poofs at the ends, like a mermaid. Her gorgeous smile is the icing on top of the cake. She holds out her hands, beckoning me to join her on the dance floor. No matter how far I reach out, I can’t grab onto her.

“Luca. LUCA!’

Another blink of the eyes, and Cassadee’s gone. In her place stands a very worried ginger with brilliant blue eyes staring back at me. Van’s Katie.

“Do you mind if I sit down? I think you need someone to monitor your alcohol intake,” she says.

I nod over to the seat that was occupied by Cam, and she sits down. Katie takes a deep breath before fishing out a can from the cooler for herself.

“Wh-where’s Van? Why aren’t you dancing with him?” I question.

She points in his direction. He’s talking to the same petite girl with brown eyes and black hair that hit on me yesterday.

“I thought there were only three of you,” I mention.

“Three of us what?” she asks in an alarming tone.

“Three Katies. You, blonde Katie, and brunette Katie.”

“Oh! Um, that’s Heather Sinclair. She’s going to MIT, too.”

“Aaaannndd the plot thickens.”

“Shut up!” she shrieks as she takes a jab at my shoulder. “It’s not like that with them. Van loves me like you loved Cassadee.We’ll make it through this. I just know it. In the meantime, I’ll have to babysit you on campus.”

“Babysit? ME?” I yell, shocked that she would say such a thing.

“Luca Dawson, you’re a wreck and you know it. You need someone to look after you so you don’t kill yourself just to be with her. You need to learn how to live your life again. She’d want that for you. And if it means that I have to babysit you, then so be it!”

“And Cassadee was soooo worried about you coming to FGCU,” I scoff.

“She has absolutely nothing to fear. I’m going to make sure you survive this school year for Van’s sake and Cassadee’s. I know that you loved her, Luca, but you’re going to have to let her go some time. It’s still too early, but you’ll have to in time,” Katie emphasized.

Both of us have finished our drinks. I pour some vodka into her cup and mine and raise mine up.

“Let’s give a toast to this new school year at Florida Gulf Coast,” I suggest. “And to our new friendship. You’re not so bad for a Katie.”

Katie raises her cup up. 

“To a new school year and friendship!” She touches cups and takes a sip. “You’re not too bad, yourself, Luca. Van already lost his older sister and he adores you like an older brother. I don’t want that taken away from him, too.”


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