This isn’t Goodbye, but See You Later: Degrassi

For the past 14 year, Degrassi has been a pivotal part of teen drama series. It touched on topics that everyone could relate to, from growing up and being comfortable in your own skin, to the other typical high school drama such as love, bullying, stress, etc. The show also highlighted more serious topics that other shows in a realistic manner like teen pregnancy, rape, domestic violence, coming out, family problems…they even did a suicide story when nobody else did (I loved the character they sacrificed for this particular plot line and the actor was phenomenal!).

The tagline for the theme song is “whatever it takes, I know I can make it through.” Through every character, through every situation, whether good or bad, the show proved true to that one sentence. I think that’s part of what drew people like me in over the past 14 years, the hope that you can get through anything in life.

Yes, they had really crappy seasons at some point, and yes, they had way too many characters at one point that it it didn’t seem like any use for the characters with less screen time to be there. Yes, they recycled story lines from the older seasons, and yes, there were some relationships and characters that I didn’t like. But I stuck through the show and enjoyed it, anyways. I was that attached to it. I just couldn’t stop watching it even during those times.

I’ll never forgive them for killing off JT (still not over it and that was season 7) or Adam (season 13). I’ll never forgive them for having Emma marry Spinner because she belonged with Sean. I’ll never forgive them for the mess that was The Boiling Point. I’ll never forgive them for breaking up Drianca (I was devastated!) or that they made Drecky happen (let’s face it. Nobody liked them together).

I loved that they took risks, though. As much as I loved Cam, I’m glad that they did the suicide story line because nobody else did. It’s such an important topic in today’s society, but people tend to shy away from it due to its gravity. I’m glad that they made Janny end game because despite their differences, Jay and Manny were good for each other (they were also really cute and she changed him for the better). I’m glad that they took Riley’s character to prove that don’t have to hide who you are to be accepted. He was a football player, and a gay one, at that, and turned out to be a positive role model for gay athletes (in the show, at least. I don’t really know how much of an effect his character made to people in real life).

And then there was last night’s finale. I’m super happy about the way the graduating seniors’ stories ended. All of my ships ended up as end game: Jonner, Bhandallas…even Eclare (I did hate them for a time, but the way that they ended made me fall in love with them again). I’m glad that they chose to keep Drew single in the end because he needed that. I love the solidarity in their class, the way that they stood up for him when Ms. Pill said he couldn’t walk at graduation.

I honestly think they did the seniors justice in their final moments, and left off the underclassmen for really good stories to continue during The Next Class. Despite TNG ending and the emotional roller coaster it’s taken me over the past 10 years (I’ve watched it since I was 13….it started when I was 9), I’m excited for the move to Netflix and what the next chapter of the show will entail. I’m excite for The Next Class.


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