Writing Wednesday: Down Goes Another One – Harlow

Hey guys, it’s Febry here with your weekly dosage of #WritingWednesday! This weeks scenes comes from Down Goes Another One (the sequel to She Falls Asleep), and I thought it’d be interesting to share these conflicting scenes regarding Cassadee’s sister Harlow towards Luca.

This first scene takes place at the twins’ farewell party at some cabins. Harlow’s been infatuated with Luca for as long as she can remember, but he obviously had a thing for her sister. But now that Cassadee’s dead…well…she get him drunk and tries to take advantage of him here. And boy does she get her way.

“Wanna take a walk by the lake?” she quietly asks with a sparkle in her eyes.


She takes my hand and grabs two cans of beer before waving goodbye to her friends. Harlow hands me one, which I willingly take, and we stroll down the moonlit dirt path to the lake. As we walk, Harlow swings our entangled hands and sips on her beer. Somehow, she manages to look absolutely gorgeous doing it. Then again, she always looks gorgeous, no matter what.

Once we reach the lake, the moon is beaming brilliantly over the darkened water, making it look unrealistically opaque. Stars hover in the sky like millions of tiny streetlamps, allowing the night to shine in all its wonder. It’s amazing how beautiful nature can be when you subtract everything man has done to destroy it. 

Harlow and I sit down at the foot of the lake, criss-cross applesauce style. I open my can of beer and chug it, throwing it aside once I’m done. She giggles a bit too loud for my liking, so I turn to her, confused.

“That’s not a very you thing to do, Luca. I thought you were beyond littering things that can be recycled,” she chides.

“I’ll pick it up later, don’t worry! It’s just really beautiful down here. Talk about nature aesthetic.”

“Do you know what’s more beautiful than this lake, the moon, and the stars combined?” she asks as she sits on my lap and wraps her arms around my neck.

“Um…no?” I answer, really confused.

“Let me give you a hint, then,” Harlow purrs into my ear. “He’s really tall and a brunette. That’s your first hint. He’s an amazing singer and guitarist. Aaaaannnddd…” she pauses to look directly into my eyes and caress my cheek. “His name is Luca James Dawson.”

“Har, you really shouldn’t have sa-“

The moment her plump pink lips crash into mine, all thoughts vanish. The combination of her fruity perfume and the alcohol makes my head spin, but the taste of Harlow only makes it worse. With each kiss, I’m forced to lean back until I’m finally lying down with her on top of me. Her hands tousle my hair as she forces me to open up more, deepening each kiss. My body temperature rises and my breathing becomes heavier as she works her way across my jawline and tugs at the ends of my shirt.

“Harlow, wh-what?”

 “Let’s go back to your cabin. I’m sure Van and Katie will be at mine, so we have nothing to worry about,” she coaxes as her hands slide under my shirt.

The rational Luca would tell her to stop right now and get the hell away because of how wrong this is. But this severely drunk Luca who’s willing to do everything that he can to forget about her says go for it. Harlow obviously wants it, and now you’re starting to. You’re already reacting to her touch. Any guy would kill to be in the position you’re in right now. Have fun. Don’t resist it. Don’t pass this up, Luca!

“Fuck, let’s go!” I order as I lightly push Harlow off of me.

Harlow and I continue to violently make out as we stumble our way back to Van and my cabin. For a split second, we break to see if the lights are on or hear any noises that might be going on inside. Nothing. A wickedly seductive smile spreads across Harlow’s pretty little face as she slams me against the door and slowly runs a finger down the length of my chest.

“I’m going to make you remember this night forever, Luca. I know how inexperienced you are, so I’ll be gentle,” she whispers.

Seconds later, she goes back to kissing me while expertly unhinging the door knob. I nod over to the bed on the far side of the cabin, indicating that it’s mine, and she slams the door shut. Leaving the lights off, we make our way to my bed after she jumps into my arms, straddling her legs around my waist and wrapping her arms around my neck. I trip on the bed, falling backwards into it and causing Harlow to let out an adorable giggle.

“You’re so clumsy, Luca! But it’s so adorable,” she says.

The tension between us rises as Harlow and I continue to kiss. Feeling more comfortable with my actions, I tug at her tank top, begging to take it off. Harlow consents with a nod, allowing me to lift it over her head, tossing it aside and revealing her in a lacy pink bra. My eyes widen as I take in her perfectly toned chest. She’s stunning. Harlow pouts as she unwinds her legs from my waist and tugs at the hem of my shirt with her feet, wanting to do the same.

“Go ahead, princess,” I breathe before quickly kissing her.

Hungrily, Harlow swiftly takes off my shirt and tosses it aside with her tank top. She takes a second to climb off of me to shimmy out of her shorts, allowing me to sit up and admire her in awe.

“Harlow you-you’re so beautiful,” I utter, completely breathless.

Seductively, she walks the few feet back to me and gets back into position on my lap with a sinister smile. 

“You’re giving yourself way less credit than you deserve, Mr. Dawson. I’ve always wanted you, and now I finally have you,” she coaxes before simultaneously kissing me and undoing my belt.

This next scene takes place in the next chapter, at the airport. Luca and Van’s girlfriend, Katie, are dropping the twins off to fly off to their respective colleges for the first time. Harlow’s new boyfriend, Cam, is also there (they got together at the end of the cabins chapter) since the couple are going to the same school. This scene gives Luca and Harlow closure about what happened between them. I just didn’t want their characters to leave for university on a bad note, especially since Luca grew up with the Clarks and the twins are like the little brother and sister he never had.

“Um, I’m going to go talk to your girlfriend before you two have to leave us in like, a few minutes if that’s alright,” I mumble.

Cam gives me the okay and lets me get up. I can feel him watching as Harlow and I walk over to an empty table at the nearby food court. Neither of us say a word for a while. I rap my fingers on the table as she looks at me.

“Look Luca, I-“

“I’m sorry about being a jerk to you in the car earlier,” I blurt out, cutting her off.

“You don’t have to apologize for that, Luca! It’s good. We-we’re good, right?”

 The uncertainty in her voice when she said that kills me. She still feels really guilty about what happened at the cabins despite the forgiveness. I sigh deeply and take her hands in mine as I look directly into her eyes.

“We’re definitely good, Har. What happened in the cabins was obviously a mistake and I forgive you for it. You really shouldn’t beat yourself  up for it. And now that you’re off to California, we can wipe the slate clean. I’ve always cared for you. You’ve always been like a little sister to me, you know.”

“I-I get it. I guess what happened was that I let my hormones get in the way and acted upon that instead of my head. I really do regret all of the vulgar things I’ve said and done to you, Luca. I sincerely do. Cassadee obviously still holds a big portion of your heart. She was your everything. I get it. I’m just glad, for her sake, that we’re starting this new chapter of our lives on better terms than when everything fell apart and she left. I want us to be friends for her, Luca. I really do.”

Harlow lightly laughs as she frees her hands from mine. She smiles, which makes me nervously bite down on my lip. Her smile reminds me so much of Cassadee’s. They have a lot of the same facial structures. It’s just their eyes and hair color that sets them apart, really.

“Luca, don’t do that,” she begs as her gaze lowers.

“D-do what?” I ask, completely befuddled.

“You know. That thing you do when you bite down on your lip,” she responds in a fluster. “It’s hot.”

“You definitely said that before,” I recall with a light laugh. “That’s not a very little sister thing of you to say to me.

Harlow chuckles. “You’re right, it’s not. Sorry to make you feel uncomfortable, you ass!”

“Much better,” I note. “Use the same language on me that you use on Van, and we’re good.”

“Just…take care of yourself, okay? I know how much my sister meant to you. Van and I don’t want to lose you, too,” she admits with a sigh, taking my hands in hers.

“Harlow. We have to go,” Cam says as he waves at us.

Harlow and I join the others as she and Cam make their final goodbyes. It’s bittersweet seeing her go away now. I’ve watched her grow up and now she’s a young adult on her way to college with her boyfriend. I seriously feel like a proud father watching Harlow as she and Cam walk over to the last bit of security separating them from the terminal.


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