Personal Update

I feel like it’s been ages since the last time I wrote a #WritingWednesday, “10 Things That Made Me Happy” or some random thought post, and I apologize. I don’t exactly remember how long it’s been, to be honest. I guess this deserves an explanation, right? Right.

I’ve been feeling incredibly depressed lately and I’m working on getting my head in the right space again. It’s been affecting my writing immensely since I really can’t think straight. I can’t really sleep, my appetite has decreased, and I feel like breaking down 95% of the time. This is exactly why wrote SHE FALLS ASLEEP. I wrote it with the intention of “normal people” taking a glimpse into the mind of someone whose thoughts aren’t so “normal,” someone who’s crying for help, but can’t seem to reach out for it at the same time. That’s exactly where I am right now…again. I just need some time to recoup and find my happiness again…wherever and whatever that is.

I’ve stopped writing DOWN GOES ANOTHER ONE for this very reason, as well, and opted to go back to…fan fics? Yup. It’s actually where the writing bug got to me a few years ago and when I realized how much I enjoyed it. I thought it’d be a great for myself because I can still write, but it’s a lot less stress because I don’t really have readers on my Wattpad. But course everything’s screwed up my mind and I’ve updated less (like I said, it’s not like anyone was reading, commenting, voting on my story, so it didn’t really matter to me).

But a couple days ago, I finally updated. I even started a new fic that I’m incredibly excited about. I’m slowly getting there (all by myself, without professional help, mind you). So just bear with me and my lack of posts until then, okay?

Thanks a million, and I hope you guys are having a lovely day/afternoon/night! xx


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