Writing Wednesday – EXPOSED Prologue

That’s right, folks! Writing Wednesday is back from the grave. In my comeback (?) post, I mentioned my latest writing project, which is a teen fiction book titled Exposed. I just finished editing the last few chapters this afternoon, and it was bittersweet to reach the end. Now it’s like “what’s next?” Another read-through to make sure it’s perfect, of course!

For the return of Writing Wednesday, I thought I’d share the Exposed prologue with you guys. I do have up to the 14th chapter on my Wattpad, but none of it is edited. What you’re about to read is.

The prologue basically prefaces Lindsay and Lorraine’s purpose for their blog. It briefly gives the reader a taste of what to expect throughout the book and introduces them to the main characters without completely giving away the plot. I guess I should let you read it now. Without further ado, here’s the prologue. Enjoy!

There’s more to Marquilla Guzman than meets the eye. As an innocent child star on a hit TV show, Marquilla’s acting career kicked off; she then progressed into the music scene just like most of her peers. Our girl Marquie is good at playing the role of someone teenage girls aspire to be like, but similar to any star who’s made it out of a successful Winsey show, there’s a darker side to her that nobody would ever suspect. You think you know, but you don’t know. We’re here to expose her for what she really is–a monster.

Who are we and what gives us the right to expose Marquilla Guzman?

I, Lindsay Goodrem, have personal ties with Marquie. My sister Lorraine and I have good friends who have been, or are still part of her inner circle; one of our sources even worked for her at one point. You can accuse us all you want of saying that our sources are fake, but we’re not dumb. We’re not going to blatantly call our sources by their names because that would jeopardize their lives if Marquilla’s team has anything to say. If anyone has doubts about our sources and the accuracy of our future posts, just know that we’ll bite back with plenty of receipts to prove our credibility.

Slander about anyone is completely unacceptable; Marquilla doesn’t even deserve that! We might present ourselves in a biased manner, but it’s only because our sources and we know what’s happening behind the scenes of the Marson relationship. We’re also acquainted with Marquilla‘s real life personality. Trust us when we say that if you worship the ground she walks on, you’ll be highly disappointed in her true colors.

We’re not creating this blog to hurt any of her stans. That’s the last thing we want to do. We just think it’s high time that people know the real Marquilla Guzman, and we want to give you an inside look on how celebrities’ lives pan out. We could have picked any other star and start writing complete bullshit about them, but Lorraine and I aren’t those type of people. We’ll leave that for the sleazy magazine journalists and paparazzi. We chose Marquilla because we know her. We’re not selling our stories for money or anything like that. We could easily do that, but we decided to come to you here to share what we know.

Now, unless you’ve been living under a rock, the biggest role of her career so far is being Jason Flamel’s girlfriend. That’s basically all she’s famous for, right? You can’t watch one of Marquie’s interviews without Jason being mentioned at least once. Sure she’s been in the business since she was about ten, but nobody knew who she was back in her Marney days. Then again, Jason is the biggest pop star on the planet right now and the person who’s essentially fueling her career. The only reason why her music is relevant is because of Jason! With all of Jason’s support, anyone would think Marquilla was a sweetheart to him while they were together.
Short story short, she wasn’t. The entire relationship was a damn amazing PR stunt with a written contract, so she didn’t have to develop real feelings for him. And yet…he fell for her hard, the poor guy! We’ll dive more into their relationship and the reason for their breakup at a later time. But for now, enjoy the rest of the reasons why Lorraine and I think this blog is necessary.
Jason isn’t the only person or thing she’s used to her advantage, but he’s the main person she’s been abusing since their relationship commenced a couple years ago. Being childhood friends with Cerelia Lowell (or as everyone calls her, Reli) and formerly dating Nils Bohous before Jason have come in pretty handy, as well. Jason is just the cherry on top of this sweet ice cream sundae because not only can she control him emotionally, but she can use his celebrity to influence his fans into buying her music. We still don’t understand why she tries when she can’t really sing. It’s whatever pays the bills, right?
This is what Marquilla’s team doesn’t want you to know about her. She uses other people, more notably Jason, to climb the Hollywood ranks and obtain whatever she wants. What exactly are those other things? Let’s just say that Marquilla isn’t as clean-cut as she portrays herself. Of course she has an amazing partner in crime since Skylar Rose isn’t what she seems, too. We’ll leave her for now. After all, this is about Queen Marquie.
If you’re one of Marquilla’s delusional stans, we hope this will open your eyes and see how manipulative and cunning your idol is. There’s nothing wrong with being clever, but if you use it in the same way as Marquilla, then everything is wrong. Her team makes sure to surround her with “friends” to improve her image even though there are very few people in the industry who genuinely call her a friend. She’s had her fair share of fights, especially with women who have threatened her relationship with Jason. The girl doesn’t even trust his female fans because they’re somehow competition for her! Yeah, like she doesn’t need to get herself checked out.
If you still stan Marquilla after everything we’re about to expose, then we think you should get yourself checked out. Either you’re insane or just really loyal. Don’t worry about hurting us if you decide to tweet us death threats and stuff; we’re not afraid of teenage girls. Just know that we’ll be prepared to defend ourselves, and so will our audience of believers once we get the ball rolling.

Everything, from her PR relationship with Jason to the chaotic behavior we’ll explain later and the mess of enemies she’s slowly making is still a work in progress. As her sad career grows, so will this blog (hopefully). Not all of the stories we have about her are complete because life changes and sometimes your past comes back to haunt you when you least expect it. And sometimes, you make new mistakes about which are worthy of being written.
Marquilla’s obviously going to have her side, and so will Jason. Lorraine and I will try to approach our posts from an unbiased positi–oh, who are we kidding?!?!! We know Jason has a lot of haters, and we’re sick of Marquilla using her girly charms to sway people into believing her. This is what we’re here for. Someone has to set things straight and show people that Jason’s a decent guy¾so is his music.

In the next post, Lorraine and I will enlighten you on our connections with Marquilla and what led us to starting this blog. With each new bit of information we unravel, we hope it’ll help you paint a clearer picture of Marquilla’s personality. And if our girl Marquie finds this and is reading this, we hope you’re in for the ride of your life.

Until Then,

Linds & Lorraine, The L Team


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