A Song that Haunts

Music is universal and brings people of all walks together. Whenever we feel happy, we listen to music. Whenever we’re sad, we listen to music. I think it’s safe to say that music is a vital part of humankind and without it, we’d be at a loss.

By now, everyone’s familiar with One Direction. Then again, who isn’t? I was a massive fan of their starting in autumn ’11, which was before they exploded. I know it sounds so cynical to point out that I, as an American, knew about them before majority of the world, but I did.

The 1D era of my life was a roller coaster. It’s all thanks to this gem of a song, aka their debut single:


I listened to this song SO MUCH before the album came out that I’m pretty sure my iPod grew tired of it since it was nearly always on repeat.

Now, I can’t listen to that song at all. I skip it every time it comes on shuffle because it reminds me of a certain person who’s no longer alive. The story behind this doesn’t seem real. In fact, it seems like an excerpt from some romance novel or fan fiction. But I assure you, this actually happened.

I was a sophomore in college and it was midterms time. I was studying for some exam at the library and decided to grab something to eat. I decided I wasn’t hungry enough for a full meal, so I just walked over to the little market on campus to grab some snacks. After I bought my food, I put in my earbuds and started playing “What Makes You Beautiful” before exiting the store. It was raining out, so I opened up my umbrella. Sounds pretty normal, doesn’t it?

The chorus hit and at the same time the line “you don’t know you’re beautiful/that’s what makes you beautiful” was playing, I heard a voice say “you’re beautiful.” I thought I was hearing things until I looked up and saw this guy I went to high school with standing a few feet away sopping wet (he had neither umbrella nor rain jacket on him). I took out one of my earbuds and said “what?” He reiterated those two words and walked away like it was no biggie while I stood there, flabbergasted at what just happened.

That’s literally the only time someone’s ever said those words to me outside of my friends.

The fact that this song was playing when he said that is why I can’t listen to it anymore. It always reminds me of that moment…and him. I wouldn’t mind it so much if he were still alive; he unfortunately committed suicide a month or so after that happened. It was a nice moment, but it haunts me because I remember it so vividly to this very day. I don’t know if or when I’ll be able to listen to “What Makes You Beautiful” ever again, which I kinda sad since it’s such an uplifting, happy song.


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