Writing Wednesday: Exposed 2 Excerpt

Hello! Hello! Helloooo!! Welcome to another #WritingWednesday post! Um…it’s a very gloomy day, isn’t it? It’s actually raining outside where I am and Trump’s been *chokes* elected president. Yeah, I’m frightened as a Muslim American with immigrant parents. It’s ridiculous how more than half of the nation have exposed themselves to be racist, sexist, homo/transphobic, heartless people, and this is NOT OKAY!

Anyways,I have not started writing for the day since it’s nearly 9:30 AM and I think I got around 2 hours of sleep, so I am somewhere in the 28K mark as far as my word count goes for NaNoWriMo. I’d say that’s pretty good considering I’m doing this first draft by hand, which means it takes twice as long for me to write than I would on a computer.

Today, I have for you the first part of the third chapter of the second book in the Exposed series. Wow, that was a mouthful! But yeah, this is just part of the chapter–not the whole thing. This is in Jason’s POV. Anyone who’s read the first book so far knows that Jason’s in too deep with Marquilla and, spoiler from the prologue of book two, she dumped him. Let’s see how he’s coping with the breakup, shall we?

Oh, and if any of you would like to read what I’ve posted of the first book so far, here’s the link to that.

Nobody knows what it’s like for me now that I neither have Marquilla nor music. The world is gray and bleak. My entire existence feels useless, like there’s nothing in the world worth living for anymore. There’s Jess and my mom, but they seem to have things under control. There’s also the Flamily, but…they’ll move on. Everyone always does. There will be someone bigger and better than me. Nobody needs me anymore.

A few people have tried to contact me–Skeeter, Sofia, Audrey, and Lorraine. Not Lindsay. At first I was hurt, but I get it now. She probably doesn’t want to speak to me because I nearly kissed her. I shouldn’t have attempted it; that almost ruined out friendship! Now I don’t have anyone. Okay, maybe that’s stretching it since I’ll always have my fans and family, but I still feel like I don’t have anyone to truly confide in.

I guess it’s my fault since I pushed everyone away. If I hadn’t come onto her so strongly, I might still have Marquilla. If I hadn’t been so naive, I’d probably still have friends who legitimately care about me. I know I have Sofia, Lorraine, and Audrey. They’ve been trying to call me so much over the past week! Sofia even invited me to her New Year’s party because she wanted me to have fun and move on from Marquilla. I do have good people in my life. I jus–I have this habit of driving them away.

It’s ten days into the new year, and I haven’t left the house at all except to go grocery shopping, which was just once. I haven’t even been on social media because I know that’ll lead to an influx of messages from my team and the fans. So I’ve been completely anti-social. I like to think of this as me hibernating. I mean, it is winter. It makes sense.

A couple days ago, someone called me from an unknown number at around 2 PM. I was still in bed at that time. I also wasn’t in the mood to talk to anyone, even someone who knows absolutely nothing about what’s happening in my life.

They say it’s therapeutic to talk to someone about your issues. I didn’t want to do that, so I just let the phone ring until the person on the other line gave up. Looking back, I should have just picked up the damn phone so I could yell at whoever that was. I don’t want to be bothered. I probably would have felt better. I would have let out so much steam, but I passed on that opportunity because I was so grumpy.

The phone rings. I fumble the gadget as it blares in my hands; I forgot the volume’s on full. I mumble gibberish as I lower the volume, and sigh once the name on the screen becomes visible. Sofial Grant, it reads.

“What the fuck does she want this time?” I grumble. “Doesn’t she know I’m hibernating right now? She should have taken the hint by now!”

I decide to pick it up despite my inner voice telling me not to. Knowing Sofia, she’s probably going to rant about how worried everyone is about me. I’m calling it now. She’s definitely going to do that.

“Oh my God, you actually picked up!” she gasps. I think that’s her way of greeting me after all this time.

“Yeah, well…I’m not too keen on human interaction right now,” I voice through gritted teeth. “What do you want, Sofi? Make it quick.”

“I jus–everyone’s worried about you, Jason,” she responds in concern.”You haven’t responded to anyone’s calls until now, and  you haven’t been on social media at all! Nobody’s even seen you since the breakup. I just wanted to know if you’re okay. That’s why I called.”

“I answered. Now you know I’m alive,” I spit as I sink into my seat. “I’m on a break, Sofia. Can’t I enjoy peace and quiet without everyone constantly being on my case? I hate how people think they have to know what I’m doing 24/7! I deserve privacy, too!”

Sofia sighs. “You’re right. You do deserve privacy, Jason. You deserve it just as much as everyone else. We’re just concerned, you know? We know how much Marquilla meant to you a–“

“DON’T TALK ABOUT HER IF YOU KNOW I’M STILL UPSET ABOUT HER!” I yell. “You could have easily avoided it, Sofi. You know how I feel about that subject!”

“I’m sorry, Jason!” she exclaims. I think I made her cry. It sounded like her voice cracked. “What do you want me to do, huh?”

“Leave me alone. It’s that simple,” I instruct with no remorse. “I answered your call. You can tell Skeet I’m still breathing. Just tell everyone I’m hibernating. I’ll be fine, Sofia. I promise.”


Sofia has every right to be upset with me. I’m not exactly giving her an easy talk since I’m yelling at her and stuff. I really don’t want to be bothered! I feel like complete shit because of the breakup. Why would I want to interact with anyone? She just doesn’t get it. She’s probably never felt this way before.

“Fine,” she sadly sighs. “I’ll let you go. I’m just glad you’re okay, Jason. Talk to you later.”

After Sofia hangs up, I stomp to my room. I violently slam the door and crawl into bed. I place my phone on the nightstand and pull the covers over my head. All I want to do is be invisible. I just want to go back to sleep and never see or speak to anyone ever again. It’d be great to spend this year by myself. Thank goodness I called for the break!

I snuggle up and close my eyes. The only sound I hear is my breathing, but that’s not even loud enough to counter the sound void surrounding me. This lack of sound would be freaky to anyone, but not me. I highly embrace it. It’ll help me sleep off the remainder of the day…

Until I hear someone barge into my room. Frightened that I’m about to be kidnapped or even worse, murdered, I try to be as still as possible. It doesn’t sound like they’ve come here to burglar the place.I don’t hear any of the drawers opening or anything that indicates something will be stolen.That could be a good thing. If they’re going to leave my stuff alone, then maybe they won’t bother with me. 

That’s stupid, Jason, I think as footsteps sound farther than they were a few seconds ago. You’re Jason Flamel for fuck’s sake! Why would anyone pass off the opportunity to steal your stuff or even take you? You’re worth millions of dollars! Anyone would be stupid to disregard your net worth when you cost so much. So…why aren’t they holding you prisoner? Do they not know whose house this is or what?

Finding everything extremely fishy, I decide to take my chances and go for the reveal. if they’re not doing anything to me now, then I must be safe. They would have tied me up already if their motive was to hold me for ransom.

“Oh shit,” I breathe as one of the perpetrators jumps onto my bed and handcuffs me.



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