Going Through the Motions

Writing is a strenuous process, especially for fiction. You’re creating characters, naming them as if they’re your own children, conjuring a whole new world, and (hopefully) sharing it with the world some day.

Some days are amazing and you can bosh out thousands of words. Others are less productive due to events or thoughts completely out of your control, and that’s okay. As long as something is written, that’s all that matters.

It’s a cycle—you go through motions as you write along with your characters. You’re excited when you’re on a roll or at a section of the story you’ve been excited to write for ages. You’re also bummed out when you’ve come at a crossroads and don’t know what to do, or worse, you encounter the dreaded writer’s block.

Whatever happens when you write, you’re just going through the motions. I know I do all the time. It’s tough, especially when I’m not feeling up to scratch and I dwell on my negatives rather than focusing on my positives, but that’s all part of the process. Majority of the time, I let my mind completely take over an that negatively affects my writing process.

But it’s normal to go through the motions and feel. That’s what’s supposed to happen, I think. If you don’t feel something, if you’re not connecting with your characters and caring for them, then it’s like the entire story doesn’t matter.

This is just a thought I had, and nothing more.



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