#WritingWednesday: Flashback Excerpt

Hello! Hello! Hellooooo!!! We’ve made it to another Wednesday, and you know what that means. So I’ve been working my buns off on the second book in the Exposed series and let me tell you, it hasn’t been easy. It’s been quite the roller coaster, but I reached the 50K mark four days ago, which is a hell of an accomplishment in itself. Lately I’ve been writing a lot less because my mind’s been getting to me, but I’m still writing daily, even if it’s only a little bit.

Anyways, this is the fourth chapter in the book and it’s a flashback told in Marquilla’s POV. She’s the conniving pop star the blog Exposing MG is about, if you were wondering. This flashback gives you an inside of how she met her now ex-personal assistant, Lindsay Goodrem, who happens to be part of the exposing team.

Hope you guys like it!

Part of me is skeptical about meeting this Lindsay chick. For all I know, this could be a trap set by Freddie because that’s something he’d do. I don’t really like this sister—she’s coming into the music scene thanks to Skeeter and soon enough, she’s going to steal my spotlight! I wouldn’t be surprised if she tries to steal Jason away from me. This is probably Freddie’s way of trying to keep tabs on me.

I impatiently sigh and rap my fingers on the table. I’m annoying Freddie. I cant tell by the way his emerald eyes glare and his nostrils flare. I wouldn’t be this fed up if it weren’t for him. It’s is fault he told me to meet Lindsay and him here so he can introduce us. The girl isn’t even here yet—she’s fifteen minutes late! I thought she’d come here with him, but I was wrong.

Are you sure she’s coming, Freddie?” I frustratingly ask as I swirl my coffee around. “You said noon sharp. It’s 12:15.”

“For the last time, call me Fedez!” he nearly yells, clearly offended by my nickname.

“You’re name’s Federico!” I spit, shooting him a glare. “Freddie is a more sensible and American nickname than Fedez. You only want people to call you that because it’s the same name as that rapper. That can’t be his real name.”

“It’s not,” Freddie huffs. He crosses his arms and sips his coffee in a surprisingly delicate manner, taking great care to make sure he doesn’t slurp. “We have the same name, Marquilla. You could have looked it up, you know.”

“Look at you trying to be cool, Freddie!” I laugh. In a more serious tone, I add, “so this Lindsay girl…why her? How do you even know her? Was she in some Broadway show with your sister or what?”

Freddie sinks in his eat with an agitated look on his face. I’m not a mind reader who can easily predict someone’s emotions just by looking at them. He should just spit it out already! I’m done with his constant games.

“She doesn’t know Sofia,” he confesses. Freddie’s gaze flickers to the door, then back to me. “Sofia and Lindsay haven’t even met, so she doesn’t know my baby sister is Sofia Grant. I never wanted her to find out because I thought she’d look at me differently. She’s um…Lindsay’s my ex.”

My eyes grow so big, they’re probably going to pop out of their sockets. I can’t believe what I just heard! Federico Grant is referring his ex-girlfriend to me, and she doesn’t know the full truth about his identity. Wow! I don’t know if he realizes what he’s just done. I could use this against him if I wanted to!

“What?” he asks as confusion knits his brows. “Why are you looking at me like you’re plotting something? Is it something I said?”

“Oh, it’s nothing!” I dismiss. I finish the remainder of my coffee and smile. “I just thought about how she’s so out of your league. I can’t believe she dated you. Ew!”

“We met in college,” he explains, his eyes shining brightly from the memory. “Lindsay Goodrem was in my Junio/Senior Composition class, and I immediately fell for her.”

“Wait, wait, wait! You had to take English?” I interrupt. “You were a sound engineering major. Why would you need to take an English class?”

“Everyone had to regardless of their major,” he shrugs while running a hand through his perfectly quiffed black hair. “Anyways, I fell for her as soon as I saw her. She was the most beautiful girl on campus, yet she was somehow single. I didn’t talk to her until midterms because I was too afraid she’d think I—”

Freddie stops talking for some odd reason and stares at something behind me with his mouth wide open. It’s like he just discovered buried treasure because he can’t take his eyes off of whatever it is. I wave a hand in front of his face; it does absolutely nothing! The boy is completely captivated by whatever or whoever it is.

I clap my hands and snap my fingers, but he still doesn’t budge. Angered, I turn in my seat to see what could possibly be so intriguing that Freddie feels the need to completely ignore me.

A gorgeous blonde with the most stunning blue eyes I’ve ever seen stands in line—Lindsay Goodrem. The girl is a work of art and so out of Freddie’s league, I’m still trying to comprehend how they dated! Even in jeans, a drape tee, and Vans, Lindsay is beautiful. She doesn’t need makeup to enhance her looks because she’s naturally beautiful.

My heart skips a beat as our eyes meet. She curtly nods and smile small before her order is called and she grabs her drink. I nearly freeze when my mind registers that she’s walking towards us. I don’t know why I’m suddenly so nervous to meet her. My hands are now sweating, and my heart’s beating faster. This must be what it feels like to legitimately have a crush on someone.

“Ciao, Lindsay!” Freddie greets her, standing up so suddenly, he nearly falls on his heels.

“Ciao,” Lindsay meekly says back.

The former lovers do the double cheek kiss and hug. I feel like I’m going to be sick because they look so comfortable with each other. They’re exes—they shouldn’t be this nice to each other! Maybe she’s being nice to him for my sake…or vice versa.

“Marquilla, this is Lindsay Goodrem,” Freddie introduces her. “Linds, this is Marquilla. You probably didn’t need me to tell you that since you know who she is. Take a seat!”

Lindsay takes a chair between Freddie and me and she sits. I can smell her perfume and it’s…heavenly! A faint, peachy scent travels up my nostrils. I happily breathe it in and close my eyes as I indulge in the smell. I can literally sit here all day and breathe her perfume. I could definitely get used to having her around.

“Marquilla, are you listening to anything i said or are you napping?” Freddie suddenly asks.

I open my eyes and immediately blush seeing Lindsay and Freddie just staring at me. I’m so making a good first impression on Lindsay right now. I wouldn’t be surprised if she already thinks I’m crazy! She’s probably wondering what the hell Freddie was thinking by telling her that I need a new personal assistant.

“Sorry,” I apologize. “I just really love the smell of coffee shops is all.”

“I’m more of a tea person, but I totally understand,” Lindsay voices, placing a hand on my shoulder. “I could sit here and smell coffee all day, too.”

“We don’t have all day for that,” Freddie reminds us. “We’re here so you two can get acquainted.”

“Right,” Lindsay voices in agreement. “Federico told me you needed someone since you had issues with your last PA. I thought it was weird because being a personal assistant has nothing to do with English, but he was pretty damn convincing.”

“I told her about the pay,” Freddie comments. “It won her over.”

“Shut up, Fedez!” Lindsay exclaims as she shoves his shoulder. I see he convinced her to call him by that stupid name. “I guess I should tell you about myself.”

“Yeah,” I breathe in agreement. “You definitely should. So tell me all about yourself, Lindsay Goodrem.” 


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