#WritingWednesday: The L Team Meets Sofia

Hello, hello, helloooo!!! It’s the first Wednesday of December, which means it’s time for another one of these weekly things.

As a writing update, I’m about a chapter and a half away from finishing the book I started last month; I’m hoping to get it done by the end of the day. I’ve been slacking this month and just taking my time now that it’s not November anymore and I’m not gunning it.

So this week’s #WritingWednesday post is a small excerpt from the first book in the  Exposed series. This is one of my favorite little scenes just because it starts a friendship between rising pop star Sofia Grant and the Goodrem sisters as Jason introduces the girls to each other backstage before his concert starts.

It’s a pretty short one this week, but I hope y’all enjoy! And if you fancy giving the story a read (it’s not edited, might I say, and there’s 3 chapters left until the ending’s up), just click here!

Skeeter immediately directs us to Jason’s dressing room, and the singer genuinely smiles upon seeing Lorraine and me. Lorraine is shitting herself, unable to believe that actual Jason Flamel is standing a foot away from us. I can tell because she’s gripping onto me so tightly.

“It’s been a while, Lindsay! How are you guys?” Jason says as he pulls us in for a hug with ease. He smells like spearmint.

“I’m enjoying my time off,” I respond. “It’s nice to have a few days to myself. By the way, this is my sister, Lorraine. I don’t think she knows how to cope.”

Jason only has to throw Lorraine a smile for her to lose it. Luckily Marquilla’s in Dubai and not Jacksonville. Even if Lorraine is my sister, Marquilla would probably eat her alive because that’s the kind of girlfriend she is. Then again, anyone related to me would be considered harmless in Marquilla’s book; I don’t think my sister would be a threat to her.

The pop star graciously offers us drinks—more like two cans of Monster Energy—and some chocolate covered strawberries once we’re seated on the black leather sofa in the middle of the room. As if we’re old friends, Jason starts talking to me. Lorraine is completely at a loss for words at how casual I am around him.

The thing with Jason is that he likes to ramble. He asks me about Marquilla (of course) and how she’s holding up in Dubai. I assure him that she’s doing great, but I don’t know what’s been going on because she hasn’t contacted me since she left. I’m not really lying to him. Marquilla literally hasn’t contacted me since boarding the plane, but it’s all thanks to Audrey that I do know what’s going on in that so-called friendcation.

“Do you really think Marquilla could be the one?” Lorraine suddenly asks bravely. She hasn’t said  a single word until now, which is unusual for her.

Jason blushes as he looks at us. I can definitely see why other girls think it’s cute when he becomes flustered. If it were anyone other than Marquilla, I’d be stoked for him. But the poor boy is in love with a monster.

Not to quote a Lady Gaga song, but Marquilla is hot as hell (I’ll give her that) and she’s basically eaten Jason’s heart. Oh, and Jason loves her. She fits that song to a tee and it’s horrendous.

“I think so,” Jason dreamily answers. One glance at Lorraine, and I know she wants to gag just as much as I want to. “I know she can be temperamental and off-putting at times, but she isn’t a bad person. She’s really got a heart of gold, and she’s very loyal. Lindsay, you know how she is. I mean, you work for h—

“She’s a piece of work,” I admit before gulping down some Monster. I’ve never had it in my life and I think it tastes like garbage. “I haven’t seen much of an affectionate side from her other than when she’s with you. I don’t know, Jason. It’s tough to say.”

“I’m sure she’s just being tough because she’s your boss,” Jason reasons. “It takes time for her to warm up to people. She doesn’t trust that easily, you know? When she does, people end up seeing what I see in her. It’s a process, but she’ll come around.”

Lorraine rolls her eyes and pretends to gag behind Jason’s back. I’m glad he can’t see what she’s doing. If he could, we’d probably have a lot of explaining to do.

“Hey! I just remembered I’m supposed to introduce you to Sofia. I’m sorry I forgot about that,” Jason mentions. “Sofia was really looking forward to meeting you guys, too.”

“Oh don’t worry about it,” Lorraine shrugs off with a wave of her hand. “We should probably head to our seats since Sofia will be on stage s—

The door suddenly opens. It’s like summoning Beetlejuice. Say her name three times, and the gorgeous Sofia Grant, herself, enters the room with a little entourage waiting on the other side of the door.

At 5’1,” Sofia is teeny, but she has one hell of a voice. Of course she does; she has a Broadway background. Her long, dark red hair is pulled back into a slick ponytail, and her pink and silver dress is to die for! She waves and all Lorraine and I can do is stare. I’ve never been starstruck before, but here I am gawking at this generation’s Mariah Carey.

“We were just talking about seeing you, Sofi!” Jason exclaims as he rises from his seat. “This is Lindsay, Marquilla’s PA. And this is her sister, Lorraine. I think they’re fans, but I’m not sure.”

Sofia laughs like a Disney princess and brings us girls in for a hug. The scent of strawberries looms around her, which is fitting for a redhead. Lorraine and I were shook from Sofia’s presence, but that hug knocked down the wall between fans and celebrity. I feel more at ease about meeting her now that we’ve hugged; it makes me feel like we’re friends now (no we’re not).

“You must have thick skin if you’re working for Marquilla,” Sofia says, looking directly at me. Her eyes are incredibly green in person, like two glistening emeralds.

“I manage,” I bluntly respond, shrugging my shoulders. “I’m used to everything nowpersonality and overall insanity. It’s all good.”

Sofia chuckles. Since she goes on stage in about ten minutes, she can’t stay and chat. I don’t know how so much time has passed already. Lorraine and I should probably be at our seats by now…

“I hate that I can’t stay and hang out!” Sofia whines with a cute little pout. “We should definitely take a group picture. All four of us. C’mon!”

As the shortest two of the group, Lorraine and Sofia crouch in front of Jason and me for the picture. We decide to go for a silly, yet cute take with bunny ears and peace signs. Deeming it not enough, Jason begs us for another take. Since this is his tour, we let him win. After both photos are taken, everyone heads to Instagram to upload their shots.

@LindsGoodrem: No biggie. Just @LorriGoodrem and I chillin’ backstage with @JasonFlamel and @Sofia Grant #squadgoals


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