That’s what your mind tells you when you’re not enough for anyone (or so your mind says). It’s like there’s no point in trying because no matter what, it’ll always result in failure.

I know exactly how that feels because I’m currently living in this bubble where I feel like there’s no hope for myself. I’ve fully written and edited my book, and I just finished the sequel a few days ago even though it was supposed to be complete for NaNoWriMo last month. Big whoop! Who cares unless there’s guaranteed money for it?

I’ve been battling depression for a few years and no matter what I what I do, it’s not enough. I know I wrote a similar post to this last month, but I think this needs to be reiterated because there are many who feel like this.

This vicious cycle of never feeling enough is deadly! I’m not going to stop writing any time soon because I have this dream of being published by the time I turn 27 (still have a couple years to go).But it’s not enough to make anyone else satisfied and for that, I just feel vastly insignificant.

The thing is, it’s tough when you’re constantly feeling deflated. It’s worse when you don’t have support. I mean, I don’t have friends and I can’t make them to save my life because I have massive social anxiety, so I always feel like I have nobody. And so, I always feel as though I’m not enough and I don’t belong here.

It could be worse. Then again, everyone’s “worse” is different. Mine happens to be playing mind tricks with me that’s making me question my existence. Like the featured gif say, I’m just going to have to rise above it all somehow. And I hope you guys do too if you’re in a sticky situation like me.


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