#WritingWednesday: An Old One Shot

Hello, hello, helllooooo!! Welcome to another Wednesday with yours truly. It is snowing and it finally somewhat looks like winter here! I am so ready for it to actually look like the holidays because this flippy floppy weather has been ridiculous!

Anyways, this week’s #WritingWednesday doesn’t come from Coordinating Coordinates or Exposed, but from something I used to do years ago on my Tumblr when I was madly obsessed with One Direction.

This week, I have for you an…old one shot? Over the past week, I’ve started using my Tumblr again just because. A LOT has changed since I left a couple years ago, but my one shots are still there.

I don’t really know how to describe it, but according to Urban Dictionary, a one shot is: a term used in fanfictions to say that there will be only one body of text (One chapter). Basically what I would do is write a small story of a girl and her requested band member. I’m pretty sure this is where my creative writing rekindled because they were the only things I wrote in college (it sounds embarrassing because I was 19/20 at the time), but I had fun writing them and the people I wrote them for seemed to enjoy it. I wrote over 50 of them because they were so popular at the time!

This one is called ‘The Sound of You and Me,’ and it’s a Harry Styles one shot. By the way, I DID NOT edit this at all; it’s exactly what’s up on Tumblr except for a couple name changes. I read through this one and thought it was really cute. I’m kinda amazed at how much I’ve grown as a writer. I still have all of them on my blog, and I don’t think I’m going to take them down just because of the memories.

Anyways, enjoy! I’ll see you next Wednesday for another #WritingWednesday.

The Sound of You and Me

I gazed out the window to see the snow still descending from the sky. I smiled to myself as I watched the little flakes drift downwards, making the ground below it look pristine in all it’s whiteness.

I then reverted my attention back to where I was: Sam’s log cabin.Sam, his girlfriend Elle, my boyfriend Harry, and I were all staying here for the week because we wanted a real winter cabin experience. Thankfully for us, Sam had a cabin and that’s where we are now.

I looked around the cabin for Harry, but no luck. Sam and Elle weren’t here either, so I stepped into my boots, wrapped a scarf around my neck, put on my jacket and headed outside. Elle was tending to a fire as Louis was piling up logs to feed the flame. They looked at me, smiled, and then Louis said:

“Way to just wake up, Sydni! If you’re looking for Harry, he went over to the trails.”

“Thanks,” I muttered as I went in the direction of the trail Sam was pointing to.

I walked along the trail, taking in the sweet scent of pine as I was surrounded by a copious amount of pine trees coated with snow. I reached the end of the trail, about five or so minutes later and saw a familiar curly brown head in a fitted black tweed jacket sitting on a stump.

“Mind if I join you?” I asked.

Harry jumped at the sound of my voice and turned around. When he saw me standing a few feet behind him, he smiled and motioned for me to come sit next to him. When I was within inches away from him, Harry gave me a big hug and said:

“About time you woke up, love. I wanted to take you here myself, but I suppose Sam pointed you in the right direction. I want to show you something.”

Harry took my hand and we traveled to the edge of the ledge. Apparently Sam’s cabin was on some really high mountain or whatever. I was breathless as I saw the ocean below us, flowing for miles upon miles on end. The view was absolutely astounding.

“I take it that you’re enjoying the view and the sound that you’re hearing?” Harry asked as he put his arm around me.

“This view is just…wow. Words can’t describe it. But wait, what sound?” I replied.

I looked around us to see if anything was making noise, but there wasn’t. Not a single bird chirping, squirrel running around or other animal in site. All I could see was the gorgeous sea, the trees and snow around us.

Harry pulled me in closer to him and looked directly at me with his green eyes before saying, “The sound of you and me together. Nothing to distract us and no loud noises to kill the sound of our heartbeats and breathing. The simple sound of you and me, together as one.”

At that, he brushed back my brown hair and passionately kissed me. We had nothing to interrupt us, which was nice. The simplicity of our heartbeats getting faster and our breaths in the cool air was all that was necessary in this environment. As we looked on, admiring everything around us together, all I could hear was the sound of how perfectly Harry and I were together.

Suddenly, our silence was broken when we heard a loud: “Lunch is ready you two!!”

Harry sighed and shook his head before saying, “Leave it to Sam to be a cock-blocker. The sound of you and me was perfect. Guess we should head back to the cabin though.”

Harry took my hand and we walked back to the cabin together, slowly making our way there so that we could tune in the sound of us and the silence. It was a great few minutes, walking with Harry and soaking in our surroundings before making it to the noise of Sam’s talk.


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