#WritingWednesday: Exposed Excerpt

It’s Wednesday, and you know what that means. I can’t believe this is the second to last #WritingWednesday of the year! Then again, I’m still getting back into the swing of things…

Anyways, this week’s excerpt comes from the first Exposed book, and it’s one of my favorite exposing posts from the book. Here we have The L Team spilling tea on a PR vacation that contained more drama than anyone could ever imagine. What’s some scandalous photos, backstabbing, and lying, eh?

Hope you guys enjoy, and see you next week!



Your favorite exposers are back! This time, we’re serving up a bitter blend of tea from the Middle East as we embark on a journey to Dubai. Neither of us could make it to Marquilla and the Model Squad’s very public fake friendcation for obvious reasons. But fear not, tea addicts! One of our sources was there, so you’re going to get a legit recap of what went on. It certainly pays to know people in the industry, doesn’t it? Without further ado, let’s get started!

Thanks to the one of our previous posts, you guys are now aware of the PR contract Marquilla signed with the Spencer girls after a few weeks of tour with Jason. Included in the contract is an obligatory vacation, hence why they’ve jetted off to Dubai for the past month or so. It seems fishy to throw in an “obligatory vacation,” doesn’t it? People usually take vacations to unwind and escape reality, but who are we to judge their terms?

In recent years, Dubai has become a vacation hotspot, paralleling the likes of Ibiza, Monte Carlo, and the Bahamas. Its grand architecture, stunning weather, and overall aesthetic reels foreigners in, especially celebrities. No wonder the girls decided Dubai would be a great place to explore and relax in the midst of their already oh-so fabulous lives!

The faux friendcation succeeded on multiple levelseveryone’s Instagram pages as of late are solid proofand fooled everyone on the outside. While frolicking around Dubai for five or six weeks, the Model Squad, Marquilla, and a few others eagerly explored the city. They visited lush beaches, hit up the night scene, and immersed themselves in the area’s culture. There’s nothing wrong with having fun unless you dive into the details.

Previously, we mentioned that one of our sources was part of the friendcation. Watch your back, Marquilla! You don’t know who’s been feeding us tea or how they know us. We’ll never tell who they are, either. You’re just going to have to be wary at all times from now on.

Anyways, our source let us in on a little secret about Marquilla’s real feelings towards the Model Squad. She hates them, which is why she kept Sima Drake and Audrey Reinhard close during majority of the trip. Sima is an actress and one of Marquilla’s actual friends. On the other hand, Audrey is part of the Model Squad; she’s also besties with Alidna.

“The dynamic of the group was interesting to watch,” our source told us. “Marquilla was bossy as always, but the only person who had the guts to talk sense into her was Audrey. You’d think it’d be Sima, but it wasn’t.”

Yup, you read correctly. Audrey was key to the entire friendcation because she played mediator between Marquilla and her friends. You may recall that Audrey is the one who connected Marquie to the Spencers. It’s no surprise that she used her pawn to her advantage. Audrey is the only person in the Model Squad who could challenge Marquilla and take her constant whining, which is why she’s an important asset.

Audrey is also the only one who knows about Marquilla’s coke addiction. According to our source, that’s why Marquilla wanted Audrey at her side nearly all the time. She didn’t want anyone to know about her secret stash (of cocaine, of course).

Excluding Audrey, this group was caught snorting some of the drug at Zero Gravity one night; celebrity bloggers went INSANE over it. Yet Marquilla still wants her vanilla image, so she diffused the situation via Twitter, stating:

@MarquillaGuzman: Everyone gives into peer pressure. I’m not going to deny my actions, but it was no big deal.

You see, Marquilla was blaming it on the Model Squad when we all know she snorted that line without coercion. Because that’s what addicts do, you know. They lie about the harmful substance for their own sake. She may have been able to trick everyone else, even the Model Squad, but she couldn’t hide it from the only person in the industry who knows about her past.

Reli. Marquilla posted a photo of her with her childhood bestie, which sparked rumors of the two rekindling their friendship. In the same twenty-four hours, Marquilla and Reli ate lunch together and Marquilla and the Model Squad stormed Zero Gravity. We don’t understand why she would do something so stupid. Apparently she was freaking out over those photos being released because she knew it would exploit her secret to Reli.

Our source explained how those pictures ruined Marquilla’s plan, telling us that “Reli stormed into Marquilla’s room, demanding to know where she was hiding her stash. Then everyone came into the room and saw the two have a stare down or glaring contest or whatever you want to call it. After about ten minutes, Marquilla opened the locket around her neck and revealed it was empty. She also told Reli to search the room for drugs because she was confident nothing would be found. As expected, Reli found nothing and apologized for overreacting.”

Yeah, everyone might think there wasn’t drama in Dubai when there definitely was. Coke Gate wasn’t the only disaster that happened during what was supposed to be a drama-free month in Arabian paradise. Cue the dim lighting, because it’s about to get tense up in here!

As part of a predominantly Islamic nation, Dubai has some fascinating mosques built in the city, some of which are no-brainer tourist attractions for anyone who enjoys elaborate architecture. Of course the group had to feast their eyes on the grandest of them all, the Jumeirah. It makes sense as the most photographed mosque in Dubai, and they do allow scheduled groups to come and immerse themselves in the building’s grandeur.

Similar to everything else regarding Marquilla, this trip came with a price. That price happens to be cultural appropriation, our friends. If you’ve been diligently following the Dubai adventures like we have, then you might recall pictures of the Model Squad, Marquilla, and Sima in places where photos are not permitted, aka inside the actual building. Oh, and we can’t forget some of the positions they posed in while taking those scandalous photos.

In one picture, we have a normal photo of the group within the boundaries of the building, which seems tame and inoffensive since the girls were dressed modestly. Maybe that picture shouldn’t have caused a riot, but Marquilla and a few of the girls dressed like Muslim women even though Islam isn’t their religion.

Now let us tell you how wrong it was for them to do that. Delusional Marquilla stans can defend her all they want and argue that she was wearing the garment to be “respectful,” but this lot beg to differ.

@FatimaxFlamel: I just lost respect for Marquilla and her friends because they visited a mosque and wore burkas. YOU CANNOT ENTER A MOSQUE WEARING A BURKA AS A NON-MUSLIM just because you feel like it. The attire of my religion IS NOT a fashion statement, but a clothing of choice women make to cover their bodies. This is a CULTURAL GARMENT, not some trendy thing for Westerners to wear when they’re in an Islamic country visiting the freaking HOUSE OF ALLAH of all places! Marquilla should be ashamed of herself for that!

@RANA47: Marquilla’s squad just committed cultural appropriation. You don’t see Muslim boys walking into synagogues wearing yarmulkes just to fit in.

@FlamFamDubai: Why does Marquie think she looks cute wearing a burka at a mosque? So disgusting. #RUDE

We’d love to continue, but those tweets speak for themselves. Along with the burka outrage was a couple of poses Marquilla did in a few of the pictures. We’re not positive that posing in a suggestive manner and hiking up the burka is appropriate for a place of worship. Everyone else seemed to think so too, as Twitter fumed about it. Marquilla can’t seem to go anywhere without causing drama, now can she?

There’s just one more thing we’d like to note about this trip: Marquilla’s actions towards Alberto and Chase. In an earlier post, we clued you in on how frisky Marquilla and Alberto can get when Jason’s not around. Not only did our source say they were very touchy-feely when they thought nobody would notice, but we have the photos to prove it.

Notice how all three photos have Marquilla and Alberto wrapped in each other’s embrace in a “more than friends” type of way? Yeah, we noticed that too. In the first picture, they’re playfully at the beach with his arms around her. In picture two, he definitely has his hands on her butt. The Snake and Queen of Manipulation are still playing Jason, yet the poor boy doesn’t know because he was too busy touring the country with the lovely Sofia Grant.

We seriously hope these pictures go out so he knows how “faithful” his friend and girlfriend are to him. They hardly suggest Berto so much as respects Jason, or the bro code for that matter.

Then there’s Chase Simmons, Australian Youtube sensation and rising pop star. We should clarify that he is, in fact, dating Cecelia Narcour, but that doesn’t mean he’s off-limits to Marquilla. Just because a guy’s taken doesn’t mean she can’t sway him her way; Nils and Jason are solid proof.

If Marquilla sees an opportunity to advance her career, she’ll do anything it takes to secure it. This is especially prominent in boys slated to be “the next big thing” in the music industry. We’ll get to that in another post because it involves her partner in crime, Skylar Rose. Let’s focus on the situation with Chase, shall we?

Chase is a humble and grounded person who would never attempt to harm the people around him. Sounds stereotypical, but we believe he’s so lovely because of his Australian roots.

Ceci and he are very much in love with each other, and to think that he would ever cheat on her with Marquilla is incomprehensible! Have you seen them pictured together and the way they talk about their relationship in interviews? They’re too damn adorable for words, and they’re definitely not PR.

As one of the very scant males on the Dubai trip, Chase had no excuse to escape Marquilla’s tricks; he had nobody to hide behind. It was literally him, Berto, and some dude named Ricardo. Berto is already whipped by Marquilla, and Ricardo is her nobody cousin. Chase was destined to be her unfortunate victim on that trip. The poor guy had no idea what he was getting himself into when his girlfriend dragged him along.

According to our source, Ceci warned Chase about Marquilla on the flight. Chase is someone who tends to focus on the good in people rather than the bad, so he brushed off his girlfriend’s tip and told her that she had nothing to worry about. As soon as the Model Squad was out of sight, Marquilla would try to tempt Chase or put down Ceci to make her seem less attractive to him.

Our source even overheard Marquilla tell him that Ceci is only dating him to become relevant in the modeling industry despite coming from a rich background, unlike him. Yeah, because you’re totally not doing that with Jason, Marquie…

Here we have Marquilla trying to be a manipulative bitch to Chase while playing nice to his girlfriend and her friends to their faces. Okay…that totally makes sense. Yes, Marquilla, go to Dubai for six weeks and try to be friendly to everyone while you attempt to steal someone’s boyfriend when you already have one. Better yet, go to Dubai so you can make your “friends” look like bad people while you try to stay vanilla.

Just like Snakeberto, Marquilla has done her fair share of backstabbing in Dubai. She made up with Reli and essentially lied to her about her addiction, she kept messing with Berto even though she has Jason, and she’s been two-facing the Model Squad by talking crap about them to the boys and blaming them for her actions. Oh, and let’s not forget the religious appropriation drama. Even when she’s not around Jason, Marquilla never fails to bring the drama out in every situation.

That’s all the tea for now! The next post is going to be about Marquilla and Skylar’s hit list, so get pumped for that! If anything else comes up, we’ll be sure to let you guys know hot off the press. Knowing our girl Marquie, something is bound to pop up.


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