Anne of Green Gables Book Tag

Let’s be real here, is anyone surprised I’d do this book tag after stumbling upon it? Of course not! It’d be sacrilege if I didn’t do the Anne of Green Gables book tag when it’s one of my all-time favorite series! Ironically, I JUST finished reading the book a couple days ago, so it’s pretty much fate I stumbled upon this tag.

So let’s take a trip down Avonlea, shall we?

The Reader is Surprised

Name a book that kept you guessing or had a surprising ending (not too many spoilers, please!)


I’ve never been more confused about the ending of book than the one for Infinite Jest. Upon the last ~10 pages, I really questioned where everyone was headed. What’s up with Hal?  Did Don die, or is he going to relapse after taking all of that heroin? What about The Entertainment? I’m sure I’m not the only person who had a plethora of questions swimming around their heads after the first read, but it all made sense after discussing it with a friend, going back and re-reading the first 100 pages…I just didn’t expect the story to have such an ending where all of the clues were given to you throughout the read.

The Delights of Anticipation

Name a book you are looking forward to being released


I’m a massive fan of Neil Gaiman’s books, so it’s only natural that I’m gearing for Norse Mythology to be published. It’d also be a great present for my birthday because it’s released the day after (*hint hint to anyone I actually know who’s reading*). I’m excited to read how he interprets the likes of Odin, Thor, and Loki into his own.

A Good Imagination Gone Wrong

Name a book that has great promise but you still didn’t love


Hate me all you want, but I just didn’t like this book. I’ve put off John Green novels for the longest time because of the hype and I thought I’d go for this one since I liked the concept for the novel. I haven’t seen the movie (I have seen The Fault in Our Stars, though), so I didn’t have that comparison. I dunno. I just thought there was something missing, and I honestly found it creepy that Quentin was so obsessed with Margo that he had this ideal perception of her.

A New Departure in Flavorings

Name a book you enjoyed in a genre you normally don’t read


I don’t read a lot of dystopian novels. In fact, I tend to stay as far away from them as possible because they’re not really my cuppa tea. But I finally sat down and read the Maze Runner series after a friend convinced me to read them, and I can definitely see what all the hype was about. I found the books thrilling and I couldn’t put them down for the life of me.

An Epoch in the Reader’s Life

Name a book you feel has been really influential in your life


I remember reading these books growing up, and thinking how fun life would be if you documented everything in a little notebook or diary. I never kept one for very long, but Amelia’s Notebook made me realize that it was okay to be expressive and to just WRITE. Along with the AOGG series, this book kick-started my imagination as a kid. It’s a pity I haven’t revisited these books since my childhood because Amelia’s Notebook was a treasure to read growing up.

The Reaper Whose Name is Death

Name a book with a tragic death (again, not too many spoilers please!)


I’m pretty sure most of the books I read have had at least one death in them, so it’s really hard to choose just one! But since this is the Anne of Green Gables tag, I’m gonna have to go with Matthew Cuthburt’s in the first book. His heart was failing him, and it was evident that he was suffering. Each time I read that chapter, which is ironically the title of this very part of the tag, I lose it. Just like Anne and Marilla, the death always comes as a shock because you just don’t expect Matthew to go into shock, collapse, and die even though you know it’s coming. I relate to Matthew on many levels, and his relationship with Anne was just the sweetest ever.




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