Digimon Book Tag

Growing up, I was neither a Pokémon nor a Digimon person—I was both. My siblings and I weren’t fussy and we watched both shows religiously on Saturday mornings. We didn’t see the point in choosing one favorite when we could like both. It just seemed stupid, and I still believe neither show is better than the other because they were both amazing in their own right.

I realize this blog has mostly been filled with book tags and of course, writing excerpts on Wednesdays, but I love doing both! And so, I’m gonna do the Digimon Book Tag, which I found by chance because I was curious as to whether or not there was a book tag for this show.

In Digimon, there are something called crests, which are these things.


Crests are the symbols of traits which the Digidestined (kinda like the kids chosen to embark on their Poké journey) embodied and drew power from, as well as their physical manifestations in the form of small tablets that they wear in a necklace. The crest “glows” when the Digidestined exhibits that trait, and its power allows their Digimon to evolve.

Now onto the tag!

Crest of Courage: your favorite protagonist or your favorite hot-blooded character.

Isabelle Rossignol – The Nightwatcher (Kristen Hannah)

I literally just finished this book and Isabelle really stuck out to me as the girl who just wanted to be loved. After her mother’s death, ties with her father and sister broke and she’d always get in trouble. When the Vichy government took over and the Nazis ruled France later on, Isabelle became a warrior and played a key role in the resistance, distributing flyers, getting airmen to the Zone Libre, and whatnot. I really admire her bravery through the war and was glad to see that her relationship with Vianne was rekindled, as a result.

Crest of Friendship: your favorite relationship between characters that is not romantic in nature (can be friend or family).

Sophie May & Molly – Billy and Me (Giovanna Fletcher)

It all started with a HELP WANTED sign on the window of Tea-On-The-Hill. Sweet ol’ Molly gave Sophie May a purpose when she hired her, and their friendship was such a delight to follow! If anything, their friendship saved Sophie May because the quaint tea shop gave her the revitalization that she needed to enjoy life again.

Crest of Love: your favorite romance, OTP, or ship.

Anne Shirley & Gilbert Blythe –  Anne of Green Gables series (L. M. Montgomery)

I mean…I think this one obvious. I don’t think I need to reiterate how much I ADORE the pair when I wrote a post about how they were my first ever OTP.

Crest of Sincerity:  a character that felt so real/fleshed out; can also be interpreted as best character development.

Shadow Moon – American Gods (Neil Gaiman)

Ah, the ex-convict who becomes caught up in the war between the Old Gods and the New Gods. Despite everything he’s endured, from prison to the world Wednesday introduced to him, Shadow carries a level head and carries out tasks for what he believes is the greater good. I think a lot of people can relate to him as a person, and that’s what makes him such a great character.

Crest of Knowledge: your favorite non-fiction read/ non-fiction you want to read.

Tranny (Laura Jane Grace)

As a transgender woman and singer of punk rock band Against Me!, Laura Jane Grace certainly has been through things. I’ve been a fan of the band since I was about 11, and I admire LJG so much as an artist and human being. Tranny is still on my “to read” list as a result of the bookstores in my town not holding the book, but I’m definitely gonna give it a read some day.

Crest of Reliability: a character you would trust with your life.

Hermione Granger – Harry Potter series (J.K. Rowling)

Smart, witty, and heroic—would wouldn’t trust Hermoine with their lives? I mean, Hermione’s the type of person who will have your back 100%, and she’d know exactly how to get you out of a sticky situation. This is a defnite no brainer for me. Plus, I think she’d be pretty cool to hang out with. I’d want her as my friend.

Crest of Hope: a series with a book that was lackluster but you still had/have hope for redemption

Twilight Saga (Stephanie Meyers)

I gave Twilight stick before, and I stick by what I mentioned earlier. I read the books pre-hype and thought the first book was pretty good, but I didn’t like New Moon as much because I hate how Bella was deeply depressed as a result of Edward’s disappearance until she met Jacob. Like, COME ON! Despite that, I did have hope for Eclipse to be written better, and it was to some extent.I still think Stephanie should write a book about the Cullens’ past because and how they came together THAT would be an interesting to read.

Crest of Light: a character who is so pure that they can’t be made of anything but light.

Dobby – Harry Potter series (J. K. Rowling)

This one is really hard because “pure” can be interpreted as many things. Someone can be pure in heart or spirit, or they can be chaste. I’m going for pure in heart, and I chose Dobby because all he wanted was to keep Harry safe after he freed him from the Malfoys. Dobby always meant well when it came to protecting Harry; his heart was always in the right place even though some of his actions could be classified as questionable.

The Digidestined: tag a few people you would want to be trapped in the Digital World with.

So…I don’t have friends on here or in real life, to be honest. The people I’d love to be trapped in the Digital World with are the girls who’ve essentially kept me alive over the past ~4 years. They know who they are. I met them through Tumblr and Twitter, and I’ve added a few to the list over the past year from Wattpad. We’re all fangirls, so we had that in common. Sometimes I’m surprised that they still message me and whatnot because I feel like I’ve been a burden for stumbling into their lives, but they have my back and they believe in me. I’m so lucky and blessed to have met them, and no real life friend could ever replace what they’ve done for me.


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