#WritingWednesday: Vanilla Plots

Hellooo! Welcome to the third #WritingWednesday of 2017! I swear it seems like the second one and not the third. I also can’t believe the inauguration is in a mere two days… Anyways, I hope you’re having a lovely morning/day/night—whatever time of day you’re reading this, I hope it’s amazing.

Today’s excerpt comes from the second book in the Exposed series, Betrayed.


As the title suggests, there’s a bit of scheming going on—a normal occurrence for a power hungry pop star—and this one involves image.

I’ll let the excerpt speak for itself. Hope you guys enjoy this week’s sneak peek, and if you like what you read, you can find what I’ve posted so far on my Wattpad. Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you next week! xx

7. Marquilla

Apparently those exposing rats are back. Big whoop, they know about Fedez! Should I really care about their return? Probably.But I won’t care about their resurgence. Hell, I don’t give a damn about them talking about Skylar and me! They don’t have proof we hooked up, so can anyone actually believe them? No. This is why I’m not fretting over it.

I can’t say the same for Skylar, though. She was absolutely livid when she showed me their comeback post. I didn’t see the big deal over it, and I still don’t.

I have better things to worry about, like what I’m wearing to the AMAs and what the fan competition will be. I’m leaning towards multimedia and choosing a winner from each subcategory: video, drawing, and writing. I just need a theme to tie everything together.

“The album’s called Shooting Stars,” I sigh as I frustratingly run a hand through my hair. “I feel like there has to be some space theme because of that. I would have named it Stars Dance, but that’s already taken.”

“By who?” Audrey asks.

“Selena Gomez, that album title stealing bitch!” I mutter.

I glance at Skylar in hopes of one of her grand ideas, but she seems just as baffled as me. Actually, she looks bored to death from the way she has an arm on the table and her head leans against it. She blows raspberries in an attempt to blow her bangs out of her face, but they won’t stay out of her eyes. Defeated, she swats it away with a hand.

“Don’t think too much about it,” she finally voices as she sinks into her seat. “I think your idea is great, and space is a broad topic, anyways. The fans can let their imaginations run wild with that theme. Just go for it, Marquie. Make the announcement now!”

“Now?” Audrey and I simultaneously question.

“Yeah. Here, hand me your phone.”

I can trust Skylar a hundred percent, so I hand over my phone, although reluctantly. Audrey and I shoot each other confused looks as Skylar swiftly types away. She obviously doesn’t know what’s happening, but anyone would think I do since I called the girls over to discuss tactics. I would have invited Sima, Farah, Elle, and Reli, but they’re all too busy and out of the state. It’s alright. I kinda like having a smaller group.

Ten seconds (I think) pass, and Skylar slides over my phone. My skepticism must be showing in my face because Skylar obnoxiously sighs and rolls her eyes. She can’t believe I’m doubting her. I’m allowed to be wary! Sometimes Skylar can get carried away…when she’s not being calculative.

I know you guys have been wondering about the competition deets and how you can send in your entires. I’m sorry it’s taken this long to tell you about it, but I’ve made up my mind now. In honor of Shooting Stars, I want something space themed! You can use anything in your work that relates to space in a song, story, drawing, or by snapping a photo or creating a fun video. A winner will be picked from each category, and the lucky five will spend the day and attend the AMAs with me! You have two weeks to submit your entries. Good luck, have fun, and go crazy! I can’t wait to see what you come up with. – Marquilla

After reading that off of my Facebook page, I stare at Skylar, stupefied by what she’s written.It’s absolutely perfect! I couldn’t have worded it any better than that, and I love how she added the AMAs thing. That was a genius addition to the prize because having the five winners with me will be great press. Everyone will think I’m some saint with a heart of gold for throwing in that once in a lifetime opportunity! Skylar Rose is a literal scheming genius.

“So…Skylar presses. “What do you think? Adding the AMAs wasn’t a terrible idea, was it? It’s not too much? I personally think it’s perfect because it’ll boost your image. People seeing you be that generous after being sick will warm their hearts.”

“Which is why you’re the queen of being nice!” I exclaim. “I wouldn’t have thought of that, Skylar. If it were up to me, all there would be is spending the day with me. Attending the AMAs? Now that’s going the extra mile on the niceness factor! See Skylar, this is why you’re the genius of the group. You always know what to do and how to exceed expectations.”


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