Panic! At the Disco Book Tag

To keep my mind off of current situations, I’ve been looking for another book tag to do. Panic! at the Disco has been my favorite artist since the A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out days, so OF COURSE I jumped for joy when I found this book tag. What’s better than combining my favorite band to my love for books?

If any of you wanna give this a go, feel free. So without further ado, let’s get crackin’!

I WRITE SINS, NOT TRAGEDIES – A book you didn’t understand/finish


I doubt this is a difficult read since millions of curious One Direction fangirls have read it on Wattpad, but I jus—I CAN’T READ THIS BOOK! There have been speculations within the fandom about it romanticizing an abusive relationship between Harry and Tessa, which is why I never read it for starters. Then I thought I’d give it a go because you can’t truly judge a story until you’ve read it. Well, I managed four chapters before giving up because it was boring and I didn’t like her writing. I doubt I’ll be touching it in the future. No thanks.

NORTHERN DOWNPOUR – A book that made you cry


This isn’t fair because I tend to cry if I’m truly invested in the story and something sad happens, which happens a lot. However, HOW DO YOU NOT CRY WHEN JAMIE DIES OR THE FACT THAT LANDON STILL LOVES JAMIE AND WEARS HER RING 40 YEARS LATER?!?!!!

THIS IS GOSPEL – A book that made your heart pound/suspenseful


I remember being on pins and needles the first time I read this because I was constantly like “What’s gonna happen?” “Are they gonna save all the cardinals?” “HURRY UP, LANGDON!” “WHO’S DYING NEXT?!?!!”

MEMORIES – A book you attach with a memory


I remember reading this in 6th grade and our project was to be your assigned character. We had to dress up and present our character to the class. I was Turtle Wexler, which suited me just fine because we’re similar in many ways. It was a fun little project, and I’ll always remember it.

SARAH SMILES – Your favorite love story


Small town girl and the biggest heartthrob on the planet fall in love despite the odds of their two completely different worlds. Sophie May and Billy Buskin give me hope that love isn’t a myth and can be found. It’s just a deliciously beautiful love story!

VICTORIOUS – A book with a the best battle


I mean…you’d have to be insane to NOT think the Battle of Hogwarts is epic. I don’t think I have to elaborate on this because it pretty much speaks for itself.

GIRLS/GIRLS/BOYS – A book with your favorite LGBTQ+ character


Because Alec Lightwood and Magnus Bane are amazing and I love them. One’s a shadow hunter while the other’s a High Warlock, and they’re separated by not only their being, but their massive age gap.

EMPEROR’S NEW CLOTHES – A book with a good cover change


I don’t know how many times the cover has been re-done, but I particularly love this version! I think it’s loads better than the one with the lightening strike on the road, to be honest. That one’s just…meh.

LA DEVOTEE – A fictional place you want to live in


The Hundred Acre Woods from A. A. Milnes’ Winnie-the-Pooh series would be peaceful, I’d be surrounded by beautiful greenery, and I could hang with Pooh and the gang! I’m up for honey hunting with Pooh and teaching Owl a thing or two about certain topics.

MISS JACKSON – Your favorite female protagonist


Anne Shirley as my favorite female protagonist a shocker? Nah. My love for her has no limit. She’s smart, ambitious, fiery, and believes in the good of people. She also has a knack for naming places.


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