#WritingWednesday: Intro to Jason Flamel

Hello, everyone! I hope you’ve had a great week. I watched the Super Bowl and stopped after Lady Gaga’s performance, which was absolutely BRILLIANT! I definitely should have continued watching because following the game through Twitter, I discovered how interesting it became in the second half. Regardless of politics and yadda yadda yadda, there’s no doubt Tom Brady is an insane QB and that’s why the Patriots won.

Anyways, my birthday was two days ago and now I’m 25? I spent it outdoors just enjoying the weather and reading because it was around 60°…in Ohio…Thanks, global warming for the nice weather! I don’t think it’ll sink in until like, next month because I kinda don’t want to believe I’m in my mid-20’s now. It’s just really odd to think about because I don’t feel like I should be my age.

Right…I’m off on a tangent. It is Wednesday, which means another excerpt from yours truly. Today, I have a Marquilla flashback chapter from the second half of Betrayed. In this chapter, Marquilla visits her bestie and partner in crime Skylar Rose. Since splitting from her boyfriend, Marquilla hasn’t been doing so well; Skylar thinks she has the best person in mind to catapult Marquilla’s career: Jason Flamel.

You can read the complete first book (Exposed) and what I’ve posted so far of Betrayed if you feel like it. Hope you enjoy this chapter, and see you next week for another #WritingWednesday!


I’m stoked about how well my plan worked. I knew Josh would dump Skylar than sleep with me after I threatened to blackmail him. He would never cheat on her!  Plus, he likes Skylar way too much to risk her thinking he’s unfit to be around.

The boys didn’t take as much drugs as Reli and I did, but even that is enough to set Skylar off. She’s adamant about her no drugs policy—no drugs means no drugs! She would rather kill herself before dating someone who uses drugs; it’s the same rule of thumb for friends.

I also knew Nils would dump me. The Bo Bros ar super tight and tell each other everything! I wasn’t too bothered when Nils called me out for my behavior. I thought he was going to lecture me on relationships because it lasted so long! The poor boy was RAGING, but I pretended to be sorry for my actions when I really wasn’t.

Josh and Nils Bohous are hot and there’s no denying it. With their older brother Ky, the boys are in the biggest band in the world right now. They’re basically this generation’s Hanson since they’re brothers in a band. Any girl would be lucky to date either boy, which probably makes me foolish for wanting Nils to break up with me. I can’t say the same for Skylar; she had nothing to do with her split.

My reason is simple: the boys are a distraction from world domination. After riding off of Nils’ relevancy, I was about to break up with him, anyways. I can’t stay tied down to him; there’s bound to be guys in the industry with more wealth and fame in the future! Skylar can manage without Josh since she’s queen of the charts. The breakup spawned her biggest hit yet—”Superior Vengeance.”

This leads to how I consoled Skylar’s broken heart. I told her to write how she felt. Three songs about Josh made it onto the album. Yeah, THREE. The album will be multi-platinum, so Josh breaking up with Skylar is THE best thing that could have professionally happened to her. I mean, she’s killing the charts in every country! She should be thanking me for her success, but there’s no way I’ll ever admit to what I did. She’d absolutely hate me if she finds out!

Skylar may be doing brilliantly. But me? Not so much. Things have been bleak since Nils and I split. Witches dropped ratings because people adore Nils, and I don’t have anyone except Skylar. It’s bad enough Reli’s giving me the cold shoulder; all of our Winsey peers are following her lead. I haven’t been coping well with the isolation, so I’m on my way to Skylar’s for some plan that’s sure to put me back on track—or so she claims.

I pull into her massive driveway and sigh deeply as I turn off the ignition. I don’t know why I’m so nervous when Skylar has my back. I can trust her, so why do I feel anxious? I should be fine since Skylar would never suggest anything obscene. I had her back after Josh, so why shouldn’t she have mine?

You’re clearly overthinking this, Marquie. You’re in really good hands here with Skylar. Watch, she’ll probably have someone in mind for you to date and he’s probably a mega star! You have nothing to worry about. Stop being so unreasonable and have faith something great will arise from this! You got this. You will be victorious! You don’t need no goddamn Bohous brother to help you out when you have the best friend a girl could ever ask for!

My confidence slowly builds once Skylar opens the door, and boy does she look hot! Sophisticated shoulder-length bob with straight bangs completes the look. A nice, dark pink gloss makes her lips shimmer, and her eyes are so blue it appears you’re gazing at the sky.

“You’re here!” she squeals, pulling me in for a hug and nearly making me lose my breath.

“And you’re suffocating me,” I note. “Literally.”

Skylar releases me and shoots an apologetic glance as I retain my normal breathing rate. After she’s satisfied I’m completely fine, she ushers me into the house and straight to the lounge area, where two of her cats scope the area. I swear they think they live at Windsor Palace or something because Skylar spoils the shit out of them! They’re the snootiest little things!

We sit on the carpet, where an array of snacks are spread out for our digesting pleasure. I doubt having a bowl of chips and salsa and candy on the ground is a good idea when Hairball One and Hairball Two can easily get their paws on the food. I’ve been to Skylar’s multiple times since we became friends, and she’s never sat us down like this.

“You don’t look so good,” she observes as she picks up one of the cats—a big fat orange one that reminds me of Garfield. “Are you okay, Marquilla?”

“I’m fine,” I answer. I flicker my gaze from Skylar to the cat on her lap and groan. “I just don’t think it’s a good idea to have food on the ground when the hairballs are loose.”

“Hey, don’t call them hairballs! Marquilla, they have names,” Skylar voices as she strokes Hairball One. she’s so offended that I dissed her cats, and it shows because her nostrils are flaring. “Poor Pikachu here is sad now because you hurt his feelings.”

“You named your cat after a Pokémon?”

“So? People name their kids after weird things. What’s the difference?”

“Skylar, Pikachu’s a mouse. That’s a cat.”

“Whatever,” she scoffs, rolling her eyes. “I have news that I think you’ll love. I found your next boyfriend, and he’s gonna be huge next year! He’s not that bad looking, either.”

Okay, now we’re talking! I always knew Skylar would pull through for me. I helped her with Currently Speaking; it’s only fair she helps me with this. I should suppress my doubts more often when it concerns Skylar. I feel like the biggest idiot for every negative thought I had about this meeting.

“Who is he? Do I know him? Is he a singer, actor, or what? How old is he?” I bombard my hostess.

I know I’m pushing it, but I’m desperate to find out the identity of this person. For all I know, he could be some random rising star with an arrogant personality. I’d rather not deal with a snob. I don’t care how big and famous he is—if he’s a massive jerk, I won’t deal with it! I don’t even care if he’s cute! I won’t tolerate anyone who thinks they can walk all over me.

“Have you heard that song ‘Just Once?’” she asks. She pops a piece of chocolate in her mouth and grins. “Das yer ‘int.”

“Isn’t that by the kid with the floppy hair?” I guess. Skylar being no help just shrugs. “Ugh! What’s his name? I swear I have it on the tip of my tongue! It starts with a ‘J’, doesn’t it? J something…J what?”

“Something’s close. Combine it. What do you get?”

“Jay and something? I frantically ask. I can feel my frustration rising as I wait for her to spit it out. I don’t want to deal with Skylar’s stupid games. “That doesn’t even make sense! Jay Something?”

“Ugh, you’re so slow! Omit the word ‘thing’ at the end. Maybe that’ll help.”

“Jaysome? What the hell kind of name is that?” I wonder. I dip a chip into the salsa bowl and stuff it in my mouth. As I chew and swallow, it finally hits me. “Ooohh! Jason. That’s what you wanted me to say! Jason who?”

“You’ll figure it out,” Skylar simply says.

Livid, I contain my anger by eating more chips and salsa. I don’t think I know anyone in the industry whose name is Jason and around my age. All I can think of is Jason Derulo, and he’s more Skylar’s age.

Meanwhile, Skylar appears to be enjoying my suffering. She’s sitting there eating candy while that stupid orange cat named after a fucking yellow electric mouse with permanent blush sits its fat ass on her lap. I can’t believe she made me come here, only to toy with my fuse!

“It’s Jason Flamel,” she finally spits. “You’d still be guessing if I didn’t tell you. He’s only a year younger than you, and he’s a pretty good singer.”

Skylar pulls out her laptop and types JASON FLAMEL into the search bar. My eyes widen when his picture appears. Now I know who he is! I’ve definitely heard his song before, and his face is everywhere! Skylar’s right about him being cute. He doesn’t look like a douchebag, too. I think we found my next boyfriend.

“I can’t believe how high you aimed!” I exclaim as I read through his Wikipedia page.

“He even has a crush on you!” Skylar gushes, squeezing me tightly. “I know people who know his manager’s number. You can have a meeting set in no time!”

“AAAAHHH! SKYLAR, YOU’RE THE BEST! Now we need to find someone for you, and everything will be set.”

Skylar and I are unstoppable as long as we have each other. Jason Flamel better look out—his entire career is about to be turned upside down thanks to me.


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