La Vie – Updates

Bonjour mes amis!

I’ve been slacking in the post-on -Wordpress department massively over the past few weeks, and I gravely apologize for that. I’d like to say I was busy, and I suppose I was because I was editing my butt off since my last post, but most people wouldn’t think so.

Last time I updated, it was nearly a week since my birthday. I think the most appropriate term to use for what’s happened since then is “progress.” I feel like I made progress on my work during that time period, but there’s a portion of me that doesn’t believe so.

Anyways, I’ve been re-typing Exposed. Yeah, I legit went through and re-typed the entire book because the format was weird (to me) and I thought it’d be good to hash through the story. It was the right choice, especially since I emailed 5 agents and am playing the waiting game now (we all know how fun that is!). Now it’s exactly where I want it, and I’m proud of the finished product.

However, there was consequences. I still feel like everything I’m doing is for naught. There’s this huge part of me that says I’m wasting my time with this series, but my heart is in it a hundred percent. I adore the characters, and the story I’ve created is totally different from everything else that’s out there. I mean, there are three first-person narrators in this book and one of them is a guy. Most only have one, and they’re usually told from a female’s perspective. But it’s SO CLOSE to 4K reads on Wattpad, which is mind-bending to me because nobody comments…ever. And the second book reached 400 reads. I still have reservations and doubts, but the numbers are proving me wrong. There is something there; I just need to believe in myself more.

In non-writing related news, I’m currently hooked on French music—Kendji Girac is my new favorite artist. Since the French version of The Voice started a couple weeks ago, I’ve been listening to French artists non-stop and I absolutely LOVE IT! I’ve listened to francophone artists like Cœur de Pirate, Stromæ, and Joyce Jonathan before, but I limited myself to those few. Now I’m diving in and discovering more great artists. I studied French in high school in college, and being able to immerse myself in the language again (and actually understanding it) is such a treat for me.

I don’t really watch TV,but there are a few shows I’v got my eyes on. I’m currently watching Big Little Lies, which is such a great adaptation of the novel. The cast is amazing and I’m so ready for tonight’s episode! Broadchurch is another amazing show that’s on right now and I HIGHLY suggest you get on it of you love TV crime dramas. It’s so different from everything that’s out there because the focal point of each season is just ONE crime, so it’s like watching short, hour-long movie each week. The first show of this season, which unfortunately is the last one, started last week, and they definitely did not disappoint starting with a bang. I’m stoked for tomorrow’s episode!

And then there’s Snatch, which I think is going to be a great show because of its cast. I’m a massive fan of Ed Westwick, Rupert Grint, and Luke Pasqualino’s works and the fact that they’re ALL in that show is enough for me. Judging from the trailer and clips I’ve seen so far, it won’t disappoint.

Sorry for ranting, but now you know where I’v been these past few weeks. I promise I’ll have a new excerpt from Betrayed up on Wednesday for you guys. I’m thinking about re-writing some portions of it, though…

À tout à l’heure!





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