#WritingWednesday: Night Writer Ending

I don’t understand how we’re in March now, but it’s crazy how time swiftly passes. Again, I apologize for being so MIA these past few weeks and missing three #WritingWednesdays, but I am back and definitely have something for you today.

You’re probably expecting an excerpt from Betrayed, but that’s not what I’ll be sharing today. The first book in the series, Exposed, reached 4K reads on Wattpad last night and I’m super stoked about that! Anyways…

I was reading through Night Writer over the weekend—one of my fan fics on Wattpad— and forgot about how much I loved writing the story because I threw in French, astronomy facts, and a little history on the city, which definitely doesn’t adhere to your average fan fiction story. I had an idea when I “bought” the idea from one of my friends, but the story turned better than I anticipated.

When I reached the end, especially the last couple paragraphs, I re-read it about four times. I doubt my abilities A LOT as a writer, and that’s completely normal, but reading the ending of Night Writer made me proud of what I’ve accomplished so far. If that was near the beginning of my journey, then who knows what greatness will happen within the next year or so?

And so, I am sharing that pivotal ending with you guys this week. I know it’s nothing new, although I did tweak it a little, but it’s a pretty special excerpt. Apparently I can write beautiful things, and this is one of them.

Enjoy, and see you next week!! 

I stare my phone and disbelief as I try to comprehend what just happened. Luke never said he loves your script, nor did he say he hates it, Ashton. But since he’ll meet you in Sydney,  maybe this is his weird way of saying he wants to further discuss it with you. This could possibly mean he wants to support your musical.

I turn off my phone and sink into my seat as the flight attendant instructs us to turn off all our devices. In a matter of twenty-four hours, I’ll be back on Australian soil and home with my family. I’ll be able to write on my roof or at the beach like I did before my Parisian trip. I might also need to pretend that I know how to surf in case Luke wants to go surfing one day. Wait—that’s a terrible idea. But I’ll be home. It’s all that matters…or so anyone would believe.

“Home Is Where the Heart Is.” It’s the name of a McFly song, and a phrase commonly used to remind people that there’s no place like home. Thing is, my heart isn’t in Sydney anymore—it’s in Paris with Stephanie. How can my heart be home when it belongs somewhere else now? Does that make me a cheater, or is it because the universe works in complex ways? I can’t really say. All I know is that my heart doesn’t belong in Sydney anymore because it belongs in Paris.

Ever since I started writing, the moon has always been my inspiration. It’s given me something I could never find in anything else. I’ve had kids laugh at me about it whilst growing up, but using the moon as my muse turned out pretty damn well for me.

Everyone has something “off” about them, and that happens to be mine. I won’t stop night writing just because my methods are unorthodox. Stephanie and I wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for that. The connection between her last name and the significance of the celestial object to my writing is the reason why our orbits crossed paths.

A so-called “strawberry” moon doesn’t appear on a yearly basis. It’s one of those rare phases that occurs due to the alignment of the moon in respect to Earth. I know that’s how every phase happens, but this isn’t your average waning or waxing moon. The moon’s phases occurs every nineteen years, which is why we only see certain phases once or twice in our lifetime.

The strawberry moon glows amber because the moon hangs incredibly low, therefore its light shines through thicker and more humid air. I suppose I can say the same about my Parisian summer. It’s not every year you come across people who will affect your life forever.

As a writer, it’s important to weed out the most prominent character from those who become background. It’s the same concept with life. Most of the time, you see different people each day who act as background characters; they’re not important in the slightest. Then you have characters who carry the story just like the moon carries the weight of the ocean’s tides, which therefore affects the movement of plate tectonics. This little snippet of my life, aka my time in Paris, has brought in characters who I know for sure will continue my journey with me.

Où sont passé les mois de l’été, les bons vieux temps? Je ne sais pas exactement, mais l’univers voudrait que j’ailles à Paris pour rencontre Michael et puis, les autres. Tout est tombé en place de en raison de l’alignement des étoiles, le soleil, , la lune, et la terre. J’ai promis Stephanie que je revendirai pour elle. Quand les temps est à droite et la lune me donne un signe, je vais revnir à elle. 

Translation: Where did the summer months go, the good old times? I don’t exactly know, but the universe wanted me to go to Paris to meet Michael, then the others. Everything fell in place due to the alignment of the stars, the sun, the moon, and Earth. I promised Stephanie I’d come back for her. When the time is right and the moon gives me a sign, I’ll come back for her.


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