30 Day Music Challenge – Jour 2

Bonjour tout le monde! Welcome to the second day of this music challenge. I know it’s early days, but so far I’m keeping up with this. We’ll just see what happens when it’s like, day 20 or something…I might fall off depending, but we’ll see. Anyways, here’s the second song.

Jour 2: A song you like with a number in it

5 colors

Five Colours in Her Hair” is a McFly classic and such a banger and definitely has that surf vibe to it. It’s the song that ultimately made me fell in love with them back in…I wanna say 2006? I was like, 14 when it came out, the perfect fangirl age. My first exposure of McFly was when I saw Just My Luck with a few friends at the movies, and they were the band Chris Pine’s character was trying to make famous. They weren’t big here at the time, but in the UK they were MASSIVE; it’s a shame they haven’t broken here because they’re pretty legit. The band played actual songs of theirs such as “Five Colours” and “I’ve Got You.” More research into them, and I fell in love with their music. I’ve been a fan ever since that movie and this song. 


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