All Time Low Book Tag

If I find a book tag that relates to my favorite artists, there is a high probability that I will dive in. And what do you know? Book tag found, and now I shall attempt to match songs to books.

Honestly, I haven’t been an All Time Low fan for that long because I’m one of those people who refuse to listen to “overrated” artists or songs. I gained a few friends from the Panic! community back in late 2010/early ’11 and A LOT of them loved ATL. And so, I thought them overrated and never gave them a chance…until mid-2015.

The first song I heard wasn’t one of their more popular ones like “Dear Maria” or “Weightless,” but “No Idea” because Big Time Rush covered their song (and I absolutely adored them). I didn’t think it was that bad, so I looked more into their discography, and BAM! I can’t believe I slept on them for so long.

I found this book tag from onebookcloser‘s site after simply Googling “All Time Low book tag.” There were only five, but I added a few more to it. If you wanna give it a go, feel free!

TIME-BOMB: A book that broke your heart.


This book is more than a story about some guy whose band slowly becomes famous and is forced to choose between his career and the love of his life. There are moments when he talks about death and drugs, and it makes you pause for a second and ponder. There’s one line in particular that really got to me because in hindsight, it’s true: Freud suggests that in order to love someone else, one must love themselves; it’s a classic “needs before other needs” argument. Unfortunately, no one really loves themselves . And, if they do, they need to get to know themselves better. Unfortunately, no one is really happy.

It’s dark, gritty, and deeper than you’d expect from someone like Pete. I’ve read it three or four times since I bought it, and I cried each time.

SOMEWHERE IN NEVERLAND: A fictional place you want to visit.


Let’s be real here, who doesn’t want to wander the hall of Hogwarts? It’s my childhood dream and if I could be part of the Wizarding World, I’d definitely want to go there.

I FEEL LIKE DANCING: A book that made you “dance” for joy.


This is hands down my favorite Sharon Creech novel and I just recently read it for the first time in years. It’s just a beautiful story about friendship, culture, and coming to terms with yourself. I absolutely adore it and I had the biggest smile on my face when I finished it.

FOR BALTIMORE: A saga you would not have liked to say “goodbye” to.


My childhood right there. No explanation necessary.

MY PARADISE: A cover you consider exotic.


The Asian aesthetic of this cover just screams “exotic.” Nuff said.

KIDS IN THE DARK: Your favorite protagonist(s) from a series or sci-fi novel.


I’ve mentioned Harry Potter a couple times already. As much as I love the Golden Trio, I should highlight a different book. With that said, I choose the Baudelaires from the A Series of Unfortunate Events series. They don’t have magical powers or fend demons, but Count Olaf is a piece of work to escape. I love their wit and humor. These orphans are definitely a force to be reckoned with.

REMEMBERING SUNDAY: A sad love story.


Most Millennials wouldn’t willingly read a Dumas novel, but I’m the type of person who would. La Dame aux Camélias is one of the greatest love stories of all time. To quote Panic! at the Disco’s “Memories,” it was beautifully depressing like A Streetcar Named Desire. One of my favorite musical films, Moulin Rouge!, happens to be loosely based on this story. I’ve watched Moulin Rouge! countless times over the years and I ALWAYS cry when Satine dies. OF COURSE I cried when Marguerite died!

DANCING WITH A WOLF: Your favorite villain


Milady de Winter from The Three Muskateers—another Dumas work…I KNOWis one of the most badass female antagonists in literature. Formerly Athos’ wife, she works as a spy for Cardinal Richelieu and is the definition of a man eater. She’s drop dead gorgeous, ruthless, and cunning. No one would ever suspect a lady like her to be such a menacing assassin. As a side note, I’ve watched the BBC adaptation (mostly because Luke Pasqualino’s in it and I love him) and the show was amazing!


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