30 Day Music Challenge: Jour 3

Happy Sunday or Monday depending on where you are! I hope everyone’s enjoyed their weekend thus far. I finally dissecting Betrayed and now I have notes to annihilate the story. I’m seriously either adding to chapters, re-writing sections, or completely re-writing chapters. PHEW! However, it’ll be all worth it because I have an amazing idea planned for the end of the series.

Anyways, that’s just my little update on that. If you’re intrigued and want to read the first book, Exposed, or what I have so far of Betrayed, feel free to give it a peek. On to the post!

Jour 3: A song that reminds you of summertime

windows down

Ah, here’s a deviation from the alt./pop-rock scene!

Windows Down” by Big Time Rush is such a bop and really has that summer jam vibe to it, which makes sense as they released it in late June 2011. This song proves that BTR was more than just some band made for a kid’s TV show. I mean, Logan’s verse is pretty damn sexy and the lyrics are quite suggestive. Their music could have stood alone because I believe they were that good.

Anyways, this song is a great one to crank up the volume, roll the windows down (no pun intended) on your car, and jam to on a nice, sunny day. If the song, itself, wasn’t summery enough, the music video was filmed in Maui while the boys were on vacation. I also remember seeing them on their Big Time Summer Tour and totally going ham to this song. This song just oozes “summer bop.”



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