10 Happy Things

I used to write about ten things that made me happy each week before my excruciatingly long hiatus. Well, now it’s back! I thought I’d revive this as a reminder to myself. I’m the type of person who’s constantly seeing the negative and never appreciating the little things that do make me happy, even if for an instant. So, here’s ten things that made me happy this week.

#1 & 2: Exit West and Tea

photo (2)

If I don’t include tea, then something is definitely wrong with me. I’m a massive tea drinker (mainly black tea, specifically Irish Breakfast) and it’s basically the only thing I drink besides water. So technically, I only drink water and…herbal water?

As for Exit West, I just finished reading it a few hours ago, and I absolutely love it. I’m still emotional over the ending because it’s a will they/won’t they situation. It’s such a profound and beautiful tale about love, friendship, trust, culture…I highly recommend reading it if you haven’t already.

#3: Snatch

photo (1)

I’ve been waiting for this show to be released since the actors in the show started talking about it. A show with Rupert Grint, Luke Pasqualino, Lucien Laviscount, and Ed Westwick? Um, hell yeah! Contrary to the critic’s remarks, I actually like Snatch and I hope it gets picked up for a second series. I’m saying this with three more episodes to spare, too. My only fault is all the actors are way too attractive and they killed off Ed’s character way too early.

#4: “Feels Like Summer”

feels like summer

Okay, I’ve been a Weezer fan for ages and I absolutely love that they just chucked this song out yesterday. I think we all need a bit of summer after this shit storm that happened last week and this constant fluctuation of weather. A song that makes you feel like summer when it’s currently like, 30°, and by one of my favorite bands? Yes, please!

#5: “Parking Lot”


Another music post? You’re probably sick of all the music posts by now and it’s only been a week! Anyways, Blink is throwing out a special edition of their GRAMMY nominated album, California, and “Parking Lot” is the track you immediately receive upon preorder. I obviously like it, or else it wouldn’t have made it on here.

#6: Broadchurch


I haven’t properly spoken about my love for Broadchurch, but I have mentioned the show before. The current season is the very last one, and the focal point of this season is a rape case.I’m obviously hooked and I have so many suspects running through my mind. This week, I’m pretty sure everyone was pointing fingers at the shady cabbie, Clive, because he’s a scumbag cheater and his wife truly does deserve SO MUCH BETTER! We also saw how hard this case is hitting D.I. Hardy and the effect it’s having on his relationship with his daughter. And the end of the episode where we find out CLIVE’S SON IS TOM MILLER’S FRIEND?!?!! PLOT TWIST! Yeah, as you can see, I’m so looking forward to Monday.

#7: Coffee shop smells

I spend most of my days in my favorite coffee shop currently editing my book. I absolutely hate when it’s crowded; I’m super paranoid about being around loads of people. But the scent of coffee or chai or tea that’s just soothing. I know it’s cliché as a writer to spend so much time there, but I love it. It wakes me up, centers my attention, and I’m not tempted to drift into distractions.

#8: The smell of rain

I clearly love my scents. Yes, it was super cold this week, but it barely snowed where I am. However, it did rain. Regardless of winter, spring, summer, or autumn, I really love the smell of rain. It’s just refreshing and I guess you could also say it’s also cleansing. I dunno. Rain has a very distinct scent and it makes me feel relaxed.

#9:Beauty and the Beast


I spent tonight finishing Exit West and watching some Snatch, so I obviously haven’t seen Beauty and the Beast yet. However, I’m so excited to see it. The original animated film was released like, three months before I was born—November 1991. As a 90’s baby, I grew up in the Disney Renaissance era and Beauty and the Beast was always a favorite. I’m excited to see how the live-action version plays out.

#10: French music

Most of the music I’ve been listening to is French. I think I made the executive decision to listen to solely French artists, with a few exceptions, at the beginning of the month after I started watching the French version of The Voice. I’ve listened to Stromæ, Cœur de Pirate, Yelle, and Joyce Jonathan for a few years now, so you’d think I’d dip my feet into the French music scene more beforehand. Nope. Not even a little taste until now. And…I’ve been missing out. I mean, right now, I’m pretty obsessed with Kendji Girac’s music and I now have a daily mix on Spotify dedicated to French music. Bright side is I understand what they’re saying most of the time. At least that’s something.



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