30 Day Music Challenge – Jour 9

Happy Saturday, everybody! I hope everyone’s enjoying their night/morning/afternoon—whatever time of day it is where you are. It’s been a little emotional roller coaster for me because I was super happy (watched Beauty and the Beast and it was PHENOMENAL) and about an hour ago, I deflated and I broke down. Yeah…it’s been a mixture of a day for me, but I managed to edit a couple chapters and watch that wonderful movie. Anyways, here’s today’s song.

Jour 9: A song that makes you happy


Fun fact: I adore Bublé’s music and I have a massive appreciation for big band type music and jazz. This song is so upbeat and I love this version of the song because I think the trumpet solo is more fitting than the rap in the original version. It’s a great song to jam along to when you want to lift your spirits and dance around to.



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