Power Rangers Book Tag

In light of the new Power Rangers movie that’s opening this weekend (I’m pumped for it and seeing it tomorrow), I thought I’d do a book tag involving Zordon’s disciples. Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers was my childhood, like you have no clue. My siblings and I were OBSESSED with it, and we owned a plethora of items relating to them—toys, costumes, towels, bath robes, SNES game…yeah, you get the picture.

It initially aired from ’93-’95, so I was one to three years old, but it was on Saturday mornings during my early elementary school years, so we saw all three seasons with the original rangers and even had the movie on VCR. And I’m pretty sure Tommy and Kimberly was like, the first ship for me. My favorite was the Yellow Ranger, and I’m stoked Becky G is playing her in this new reboot and her character’s a lesbian because she’s pretty cool (and happens to follow me on Twitter).

So yeah, I snatched this book tag from the Youtube channel Tanner’s Book and Beyond. So shout out to him for the amazing book tag! A little confession: I didn’t know there was a gold, silver, or purple ranger because I haven’t watched anything besides the original. Without further ado, allons-y! Feel free to do this if you want.

red ranger

 Red Ranger: the book/series on your shelf with the most prominence


Only because it’s the biggest book I own and sticks out like a sore thumb on my shelf.

blue ranger

Blue Ranger: the nerdiest book you own


I’d say the chem textbook I still have from college, but that definitely doesn’t count. Besides, “nerdy” can branch out to different subjects, from history to science. So I’m obviously going for science since that’s what I studied. Yes, I do have a copy of this book and yes, I have read it…twice. I bought it out of interest because we were going over natural selection and stuff like that in my ecology class, and voila!

yellow ranger

Yellow Ranger: a book about sports

fever pitch

I’d just like to confess that I didn’t know this was autobiographical essay because I had never read the book until like, a few years ago. Except as a Chelsea fan, I’m kinda like “yuck” that he was a massive Arsenal fan, but it’s whatever. However, I do adore the movie The Perfect Catch with Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore, which is a remake of the film.

pink ranger

Pink Ranger: a book about female characters


It’s all in the title. Such a great story about friendship and adventure, and the movie was just as exceptional.

green ranger

Green Ranger: a book that’s fun to read

junie b jones

“I’m Junie B. Jones. The ‘B’ stands for ‘Beatrice.'” Just because she’s sassy and this series is so fun to read. One of my faves from grade school, hands down!

black ranger

Black Ranger: the book you recommend to everyone


I have a number of recommendations, but I’m gonna choose something that’s a little out there for something like this. Tranny is Against! Me’s lead singer, Laura Jane Grace’s autobiography about her search for identity and true self. I really admire LJG for telling her story, and she’s such a great role model for transgender people.

white ranger

White Ranger: a book full of warm, fuzzy feelings


I don’t know how anyone can’t feel warm and fuzzy on the inside after reading this book when the adventure Will Trundle and the Christmasaurus embarks is so magical. In the true spirit of Christmas, this book just gives so much joy when you read it.

purple ranger

Purple Ranger: a book that’s very underrated


Since reading Nightingale at the start of the year, I wanted to read more books by Kristen Hannah. I absolutely love this book and definitely recommend giving it a read if you haven’t already. It tells the story of two girls, Tully and Kate, and their friendship that spans over three decades. And if you think I cried, I totally did. It was such a treat to read.

Gold & Silver Rangers: a book with a cool cover

cool cover

I don’t know about you, but I think it’s a pretty dope book cover since the illustration legitimately extends to the back. Plus, I’m a sucker for anything that relates to marine biology or underwater diving since it’s what I studied in school.


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