10 Happy Things

It’s Friday night, folks! Hope you’ve had a pleasant week; I know I have. The weather’s been topsy-turvy here, but it’s warm and finally feels like spring. It’s finally the weekend, and I hope everyone has an amazing one. Here are the ten things that made me happy this past week.

#1: Power Rangers


I watched the 1 PM viewing this afternoon and needless to say, it DID NOT disappoint and I absolutely loved it! I watched it that early thinking nobody would be at that viewing. I was right to some extent—it was literally just me and a mom and her kid. For those of you who plan on watching it this weekend or whenever, I won’t spoil it for you. All I’ll say is that it’s an emotional roller coaster and definitely one of the best origin movies. I also love the diversity of the cast, which holds true to the original because that cast was diverse too. Amy Joe Johnson and Jason David Frank’s camo got me. I definitely had an “OMG IT’S THE ORIGINAL OTP AND PINK AND GREEN RANGER!!”

#2: Beauty and the Beast


I talked about how excited I was last week, as I hadn’t seen it yet. Now that I have, I’m just in awe at how perfectly it was casted and how amazing it is. The additional background information on the characters was a nice choice, and I enjoyed the new songs.However, “Gaston” is still my favorite song and I’ve listened to it so much since Saturday. Like, Luke Evans and Josh Gad are spectacular as Gaston and Lefou. Emma did brilliantly as Belle and Dan’s beast is pretty something, too.

#3: Gorillaz return


So, Gorillaz dropped FOUR new songs yesterday. The last album they released was in 2011 and the Internet imploded on the news of their return. I definitely did, and I love the new material. Can’t wait for Humanz to drop!

#4: “Last Young Renegade” single release


All Time Low released the title track and music video of their upcoming album yesterday and of course I like it! At this point, I’m ATL trash.

#5: Donuts


In the new Power Rangers movie, Krispy Creme plays a factor. I won’t ruin it and tell you why, but just seeing the donut shop made me crave a donut. I haven’t had donuts in ages and I got this exact one today. I forgot how heavenly they are.

#6: Warm weather

I couldn’t be more excited for spring to finally spring! The weather has been so chaotic lately with its constant fluctuations, that it’s become enervating. I’m just glad this week ended on a beautifully warm one and it actually feels like spring now.

#7: Rupert Grint’s Ed Sheeran prank


If you haven’t seen this, Rupert Grint basically did this prank where he admitted to being Ed Sheeran and the singer is fake. I thought it was hilarious, and it’s seriously the best thing I’ve seen on the Internet all week.

#8: The Afterlove


So…James Blunt released an album today and it’s pretty damn good. He references “Your Beautiful” in “Love Me Better” and the song “2005” is basically about the hit that made him famous. It’s worth the listen, and you might enjoy it if you do give it a shot.

#9: National Puppy Day


I wish I had a puppy to celebrate this day, but I’m just glad there is a day to celebrate the wonderful animals that are puppies.

#10: Making History


It’s three episodes in and Making History is fast becoming one of my favorite shows. I initially watched it because of Leighton Meester, but the entire cast is brilliant. It pokes so much fun at history while also being accurate, and Leighton’s character, Deborah, is such a badass colonial woman way above her time. I highly recommend it if you want a new comedy to watch. It’s so good!


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