3.31: 10 Happy Things

Happy Friday, everybody! I hope everyone’s had a great week. Mine’s been an emotional roller coaster, but I finally finished that AFYCSO chapter, which means I’ll be posting it to Wattpad this weekend. The weather this week has been amazing—nothing short of 50° all week. It’s currently downpouring right now, but who doesn’t love a little spring rain?

Hope you enjoy the rest of your Friday. Here are the ten things that made me happy this week! Apologizes that most are probably music-related, but not much has really happened this week.

#1 “Slow Burn” by State Champs

slow burn

State Champs is one of my favorite newer bands and they just released this song today. I absolutely love it and I’m glad they’re releasing a deluxe version of their Making History album in May. It’s a great song and if you haven’t heard any of their stuff yet, I suggest giving this a listen.

#2 All Time Low’s “Green Light” cover


How bad is it that I STILL have yet to hear Lorde’s “Green Light?” Yeah…you’d be surprised that when I watched All Time Low’s BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge cover this morning, it was the first time I’ve heard the song. I listened to the original soon afterwards and OH. My. Word. ATL slowed it down and really made the song their own, putting a more stripped down twist to it. You guys should check it out because it’s absolutely amazing.

#3 Take That’s discography

Take That’s latest album Wonderland was released last week and their Carpool Karaoke for Comic Relief was aired. Since then, I’ve been diving into their discography. They’re absolute LEGENDS and have such amazing songs, and it was nice to go back and listen to some of their older stuff. Aaaah, there’s nothing like a good boyband, I tell ya!

#4 Completing “The Only Difference…”

I finally finished writing this chapter after what—about a week of writing? I’ve been having major editing blockage that I thought writing the next chapter for AFYCSO would be a great idea. It ended up taking ages, but I think readers will love the rest of the chapter, and hopefully it sets the story up nicely.

#5 Victoria Beckham and James Cordon’s Mannequin


Okay, Victoria clued her followers in that she and James did “something special.” Lo and behold, a Mannequin spoof featuring a short Carpool Karaoke of them singing “Spice Up Your Life.” That definitely made my morning when I watched it whilst eating breakfast. I thought the entire thing was brilliant.

#6 #13ReasonsWhyChallenge – Wattpad


I submitted an entry for Wattpad’s #13ReasonsWhyChallenge last night, cutting it quite thin. It’s due tonight and the maximum word count is 500—I was about six away from that…whoops. Truth be told, I was iffy about writing this because of how personal the story is to me. I’ve read through other people’s entries and I approached mine a little different by choosing a moment that doesn’t require existential thinking to ponder how my life would change if it had been different. I also decided to write out the scenario as if it were a given prompt rather than just tell what happened in real life. But I did it. I wrote it in about an hour, made a cover even though it’s not my forte, and pressed “publish.” If you wanna take a read, feel free to here.

#7 Tea


There’s nothing like sippin’ on a good cuppa in the morning and inhaling its aroma. I swear, Twinning’s Irish Breakfast is is a godsend because I’d be dead each morning without it, and it’s my favorite.

#8 Spring Weather


This week FINALLY felt like spring. No longer is a coat necessary, but just a sweater or a light jacket in the mornings. I live in Ohio, where the weather is  unpredictable, and it’s been quite flippant these past few weeks. You literally never know how to dress because it can feel like all four seasons in one day. But this week, the temperatures were lovely, and it feels so nice for the outdoors to feel and smell like spring.

#9 Puppies


Do you ever see people with their puppies around town and mentally go “PUPPYYYYYY!!!!” That’s basically me whenever I see a puppy. My heart melts and I automatically feel 10x better after seeing a puppy. They just bring so much joy, and it disheartens me that I don’t have one, myself.

#10 End of March


We finally bid adieu to March, which hasn’t been so pleasant to me. I relapsed, I’ve had countless days where my depression hit me like a tone of bricks, therefore making it difficult for me to edit or write and totally messing with my creative flow. I’m so glad this month is over, and I can’t wait to see what April brings.


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