30 Day Music Challenge – Jour 23

Happy Saturday, April 1st! New months, new beginnings…sure. I’m not feeling too great right now, so I’ll just dive into today’s song.

Jour 23: A song you think everyone should listen to


I don’t know a lick of Italian, so I don’t know what the hell Fedez is rapping. That’s what translator and online music threads are for, right? You don’t have to know the language to appreciate music, and I LOVE Fedez’s music! Italian rapping sounds insanely hard since the words are longer, so you have to at least give him props for that. Everyone’s so into American rappers and some British rappers, but there are artists in other countries who have just as much game. Fedez’s pretty dope, and “Moet Sciandon” is one of my favorite songs from this album. It has a great beat, his spit game is crazy, and even though I have no clue what he’s saying, it still doesn’t stop be from jamming out. Even if you don’t understand Italian, you should just give his music a listen just for the experience. You might like it.

From this pick, the lesson here is to broaden your musical horizons and check out artists from other countries. You may never know what gems are hidden.


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