30 Day Music Challenge – Jour 24

Happy Sunday, everybody! Hope everyone’s weekend is moving along swimmingly. Yesterday was terrible because female problems…I did not feel great at all and I was hurting so much! Anyways, I’m super excited for today. I’ll hopefully go for a little walk since it’s supposed to be nice out. Yesterday was pretty chilly because it didn’t even reach 50º! I think the high was in the high 40s…oh, weather! But there’s the Big Little Lies finale tonight. YESSS!!!! I’m so stoked for that!

Enough talk. We’re hitting the homestretch, guys—only six more days of this! Here’s today’s song.

Jour 24: A song by a band you wish were still together


I could have gone for something cliché like MCR, but you know me—I like to think out of the box and share artists with you who I really enjoy and most people wouldn’t know (ie. yesterday’s pick). And so, I’ve gone for a band who you’ve probably never heard about: The Brobecks.

The Brobecks started as a weekend hobby for lead singer Dallon Weekes after returning from two years of missionary in OK. The band released Violent Things in 2009 with a limited amount of physicals (it was also released on iTunes), and it was their only album to date. Since 2012, Dallon has been playing bass for Panic! At The Disco, and The Brobecks is no more.

As much as I love Panic! and I love that he’s in the (touring) band now, I wish Dallon would have stuck with The Brobecks because I really like Violent Things and his voice. Dallon has such a distinct and unique voice, and it kinda sucks that he doesn’t get to sing lead anymore. But you know, it had to be done. Touring with Panic! back in 2012 was the start of something amazing.

A little fun fact: the Vices & Virtues Tour, aka the tour Dallon joined Panic!, was my first show. It was great because not only was it my first show, but um, my friends and I managed to worm our way through the front of the crowd and be close enough to literally see Brendon, Dallon, and Ian sweat. Ah, it was great. Plus, I got to hear “Nearly Witches” live.

So yeah, The Brobecks was a great band with so much potential, and it’s a bummer they only made one album. Their song “Love at First Sight” is really cute, and that song, “Boring” really shows off Dallon’s singing chops. Give Violent Things a listen, and maybe you’ll enjoy it too.


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