4.7: 5 Happy Things

I tried to think of 10 things to list today, but I couldn’t. This has hands down been my roughest week because I’ve just shut down. This entire week, I managed to write a measly three paragraphs, and I just finished typing up edits for a chapter I started ages ago last night. I haven’t really slept much, and my appetite has dwindled as a result of my apathy. I did manage to get loads of exercise because I walked a lot to try and clear my head and get back on track. Picking yourself up is hard.

And so, I’ve had to cut my usual list of happiness in half to reflect my thoughts. I can’t push it, so I won’t. Here are the 5 things that made me happy this week. Happy Friday, everyone! Enjoy your weekend. xx

“Sign of Times” – Harry Styles


The first thing I did when I woke up—that’s not saying much since I barely slept—was listen to this song. My advice is to disregard the fact that he’s part of One Direction and just listen to the song for what it is. It’s melancholic, touching, hopeful…I’m not biased by saying that it’s a brilliant song; I’m saying it like it is. It starts off with just a piano, violin, and Harry singing “Just stop your crying, it’s the sign of the times.” Maybe it’s because I”ve been an emotional wreck all week, but that really hit me.

Big Little Lies finale


That finale was all sorts of OMG moments. From Perry finding out about the house Celeste bought, discovering Max is the school bully and Perry is Ziggy’s father, this episode got my heart racing from start to finish. It was everything I could have hoped for and more! I thought it was fitting that Perry’s death was accidental; Bonnie pushing him to his “fall from grace” is quite ironic since she’s supposed to be the peacemaker of the women. The cast is amazing, and I hope it’s picked up for a second season.

Shetland ponies

Two days ago, it was 70, sunny, and quite blustery. Gorgeous weather, so I naturally walked home rather than taking the bus back. As I was walking, I saw a woman on a little cart advertising some Equine business for kids’ parties and whanot, and it was driven by TWO SHETLAND PONIES!! I wish I was quick enough to take a photo, but I literally watched the ponies trot by and it made my week.

LA DIVINE – Cold War Kids


Cold War Kids has become one of my favorite bands in recent years, and they just dropped a new album today. I’m currently in the process of listening, and I absolutely love it so far! “Love Is Mystical” and “Can We Hang On?” were both released early, the first as a the lead single and the latter just because, and I knew LA DIVINE was bound to be something I’d repeatedly listen to after release. They always produce brilliant albums—three songs in, and I love it!


I genuinely feel like I have the best friends in the world. I don’t exactly have “real life” friends anymore, so the few handful of friends I have are “Internet friends.” Regardless of the label, they’ve been here for me this week, and I can’t imagine how much more crappy I’d feel without them.


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