30 Day Music Challenge – Jour 30

Happy Saturday, everyone! Thanks for dealing with this over the past month, but it’s finally over. Here’s the final song. Hope you’ve enjoyed. If any of you have listened to any of the artists I mentioned and grew to like their stuff, I’m glad I could broaden your musical horizons. And if you’re gonna check them now/a little later, hope you find something new that you like! For the final time, here’s today’s song.

Jour 30: A song that reminds you of yourself


This one was really hard for many reasons, but mostly because I still don’t really know myself. I’ve suffered a lot over the past few years, and I think The Academy Is…’s “Skeptics and True Believers” reflects how I’ve been feeling, especially this part of the chorus.

“Don’t be so scared to take a second for reflection,
to take a leave of absence, see what you’re made of.
So I’m selfish, and you’re sorry.
When I’m gone you’ll be going nowhere fast.
So who’s selfish, and who’s sorry?”

For the longest time, I’ve been skeptical about anything that could suggest me being the slightest bit happy. I’ve always believed that my happiness would be selfish and I was never worthy of it. I know writing is kinda selfish—I don’t make anything out of it, yet I’ve buried myself in it because it’s what keeps me sane and it’s what I want to do.

At the same time, I’ve been stuck. I never wanted to ask for help because I don’t want to be a burden or bother. Yet I still feel like I am—I always have.

I guess this song reminds me of myself because I do need to stop being so skeptical and believe that I can be happy and I can get better. I think I just need a change of scenery so I don’t feel so small and I can actually find and discover my full potential.



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