Spring Awakening Book Tag

Spring Awakening is one of my favorite musicals of this past decade. It deals with teens in 19th Century Germany discovering their inner and outer tumult of sexuality, and I think it’s such a ground-breaking musical from the way Steven Sater approached the subject. This musical is how I discovered Lea Michele—I watched Glee because I was like “omg the girl from Spring Awakening is gonna be in it!”—and Lolo, watched it when the tour came to town, absorbed the music… I just really love Spring Awakening, okay.


Of course I have to do the book tag! I found it here , and feel free to give it a go if you want! xx

Mama Who Bore Me: A book that made you LOVE reading.


This series was the bomb for me in grade school. I absolutely loved it, and it’s such a great children’s series!! I really hope kids still read these in school because if they don’t know what The Boxcar Children is…Oh. My. Word.

All That’s Known:  A book you wish you didn’t have to read for school.

moby dick

I had it with that motherfucking whale and that motherfucking ship!

Bitch of Living: A book that inspired a sexual awakening.


I don’t exactly have a book for this song because I don’t read erotica or anything much like it, so I went for the raunchiest book I’ve read thus far. Albina and the Dogmen is a parable of love and friendship, and it’s quite a good read.

My Junk: A book recommended to you by a good friend.


Why I didn’t know Challenger Deep existed until my friend Amanda recommended that I read it, I don’t know. However, I’m glad she did because I gobbled it up in one sitting, and it’s such a fantastic story about mental illness.

Touch Me: A book with themes of fear of love.


Stay with the controlling asshole of a politician with whom Avie’s married, or run away with her lifelong friend turned lover, Yates, to Canada? Find out if you read it. So good!

Word of Your Body: Your straight OTP.


Anne Shirley & Gilbert Blythe (Anne of Green Gables series)

I mean…LOOK AT GILBERT LOOKING AT ANNE!!! Always have, and always will be my number one.

The Dark I’ve Known Well: A book dealing with abuse.


I’m sure this is self-explanatory.

And Then There Were None: A book dealing with self-harm or suicide.

13 reasons

I’ve heard many things about the Netflix adaptation, and I honestly can’t bring myself to watch it because of how triggering it can be. But this book is one of my favorites.

The Mirror-Blue Night: A book dealing with sadness or loneliness.


The narrator, a crashed pilot, meets a lonely young prince from another world and they become friends. The prince explains to the pilot that he has been traveling the universe, seeking friendship but ultimately coming into contact with a series of isolated adults who have little to offer the boy.

All Will Be Forgiven: A book about hope.


I read this book in 6th grade and I still remember how beautiful this story is. How fitting is it that Esperanza’s name means “hope” in Spanish?

Don’t Do Sadness:  A book with a duel POV


Shamelessly plugging in my own book because Exposed instantly came to mind. There aren’t two perspectives in this story, but three: Jason Flamel, Marquilla Guzman, and Lindsay Goodrem’s. Oh, and you get to read the blog posts in their own chapters! The two are celebrities in a highly exposed PR relationship with Lindsay is head of the blog trying expose Marquilla’s secrets.

The Guilty Ones: A book about hidden dangers.

secret keepers

Beware the power of invisibility!

Left Behind: A book dealing with loss.


Deraniyagala recounts how the 2004 tsunami took away her family and it’s just…ugh. Needless to say, it’ll tug your heartstrings.

Totally Fucked: A book where the protagonist failed or died.

les mis

In the words of McBusted’s “Sensitive Guy:” Close my eyes in Les Misérables cause Jean Valjean dies in the enddddd

The Word of Your Body (Reprise): A book about a gay relationship.


This graphic novel is a beautiful love story between two young French women in the late 90s. The film adaptation is amazing and won the Palme d’Or at Cannes in 2013.

Whispering: A book about secret lies.

big little

Those You’ve Known:  A book about treasured friendship.

secret garden

What’s more beautiful than Colin and Mary’s friendship from the garden is that they both become better in health.

Song of Purple Summer: A book that blew you away.


A definite must read. If you haven’t yet, you should.


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