4.14: 5 Happy Things

April doesn’t seem to be my month. Once again, I don’t have a list of ten, but a list of five. We’re nearly halfway through the month, and I’ve just been…deflated. Apathy has mostly filled me over the past two weeks, which means I haven’t written or edited as much as I’d like, and my sleeping schedule and eating habits are way beyond messed up. But here I am, trying to find some light in the darkness that’s been my thoughts.

What I’ve learned this week is that little things count. Something doesn’t have to be grand to make you happy; it could be something as simple as waking up to that morning coffee (or tea if you prefer that like me). We tend to take advantage of the mundane and focus on the grand scheme of things, which is why we don’t appreciate the little things in life that make us happy. I’ve been so grim lately that I’ve truly come to appreciate ordinary things that make my day that anyone would normally surpass.

Hope everyone has a happy Friday, and to everyone who celebrates, have an amazing Easter weekend! Here are the five things that made me happy this week.

xoxo – F

#1 Walks

This photo is of the actual bike path in my town. So pretty!

I spent majority of the past week doing some major walking around town, whether on campus or the bike path. I couldn’t really write or edit because I didn’t have the mental capacity to be creative or get work done. I just shut down. Taking an extensive walk each day was my method of therapy without actually attending a session. It was also my way of tuning out the world, as I always had my earphones in. Nobody bothers you if you’re listening to music. Although I wasn’t doing myself any favors in the edit-your-book department, I’m sure my body is thanking me for all that exercise. Goodness knows my legs are probably strong as steel from all that walking!

#2 Dancing in the Rain

dancing in the rain

Take a chance, take your shoes off, dance in the rain.” (P!ATD’s “Folkin’ Around)

It hardcore rained on Tuesday and unlike everyone else, I welcomed it with open arms. Thankfully my bag was waterproof and zipped up, so I just dropped it and my umbrella, took off my sandals—they were totally useless at that point, anyways—and danced around in the rain. It’s exhilarating, yet serene at the same time. I immersed myself in the rain and let it wash away my woes for a few minutes; I was in a state of ecstasy.

I think we all need to say “to hell with it!” and just dance in the rain every so often because it truly is an invigorating experience. Everyone’s so scared of getting wet and messing up their hair and outfits that rain seems like a bad thing when it clearly isn’t. What’s being drenched when you can pop your clothes in the dryer and get warm later, anyways?

#3 “The Answer to Our Life” – Backstreet Boys


This is my all time favorite Backstreet Boys song, and it never fails to lift me up when I’m down. Trust me when I say I’ve listened to this song A LOT over the past week, because I really needed the mood booster. Fun fact: when I first made my Tumblr, my original URL was theanswertoourlifeis1d because I was getting back into BSB after a while, and I had discovered One Direction (and so my obsession with them commenced). I actually listened to this song first thing when I woke up, and it immediately put a smile on my face. They just don’t make pop songs like this anymore.

#4 “Lights Out” – Royal Blood


Royal Blood have FINALLY dropped a new single yesterday! I’m so glad they’re back and this song definitely sets the tone for the new album, which I’m sure is gonna be amazing. You should definitely give this song a listen. I was beaming when I heard it yesterday.

#5 Broadchurch episode


This week’s episode was the second to last, which means this Sunday is THE series finale. And OH. MY. WORD. I don’t even know if I can talk about it because I’m buzzing to find out who the rapist is and how the show will wrap up. I give DI Hardy props for telling those boys off for messing with his daughter. Hands down the best quote from the episode is:

“You can’t do that. You’re a cop.”

“I’m a father.”

Like, YES, YOU GO DI HARDY! I’m gonna miss Broadchurch so much. Seriously, if you want a good crime/drama to watch, you should check it out if you haven’t already done so.


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