4.19 SOTD

Hello, hello! It it Wednesday, which means there will be a #WritingWednesday up later today. I hope everyone’s week has been good so far. I’m currently reading Geekerella  (and absolutely LOVING IT!), editing Betrayed, and writing the next AFYCSO chapter. So much to handle!!!

Yesterday’s song of the day was a song in Spanish and today, it’s a French one (disregarding the title, but the song IS sung in French).


Soprano’s “Clown” is such a fun, upbeat tune, yet lyrically dark like “Pumped Up Kicks.” Don’t be fooled by the infectiously danceable beat (I swear it’ll get you up on your feet if you give it a listen). The title suggests something silly, as clowns usually are portrayed, but the clown in this song is a mask—a façade to hide behind to show the world that “I’m okay even though I’m really not.” For example, take the first verse:

Désolé ce soir je n’ai pas le sourire
Je fais mine d’être sur la piste malgré la routine
J’ai le maquillage qui coule, mes larmes font de la lessive
Sur mon visage de clown (mon visage de clown)
Je sais bien que vous n’en avez rien à faire
De mes problèmes quotidiens, de mes poubelles, de mes colères
Je suis là pour vous faire oublier, vous voulez qu’ça bouge
Ce soir je suis payé, je remets mon nez rouge

Which translates to:

I’m sorry that tonight I don’t have a smile
I’m playing mime to stay on track, despite the routine
My makeup is running, my tears wash it away
On my face of a clown (my face of a clown)
I know well that you want nothing to do
With my daily problems, my trash, and my fits
I am here to make you forget, you want it to fade away
Tonight you’re paying me, I put on my red nose

I relate to this so much because I’m practically always faking a smile and trying to seem I’m alright to the world. I don’t want to shove my feelings and problems up people’s ears because I don’t want to bother anyone. So I just wear my clown face—if I decide to go out, I go about my day seemingly…unbothered by my demons.

I’m sure many can relate to this song. You should definitely give this a listen—the entire album, actually, because it’s SO GOOD. Again, you don’t have to understand French to enjoy the song; let the music speak for itself and enjoy!


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