4.21 SOTD

Happy Friday, everybody! We finally made it. There is only one week of April left now. This week has been slightly better for me minus a few little mishaps and anxiety attacks, but we’ll ignore those for now. Anyways, I hope everyone has an amazing day. Here’s today’s SOTD.


Yesterday was Backstreets Boys’ 24th birthday (I know. They were put together on 4/20). I should have made this yesterday’s SOTD, but I had a good reason not to. I’m making up for it big time today, I think.

I listened to ALL of BSBs songs yesterday in honor of their birthday. They have 8 albums (a 9th on the way!) and 100+ songs, and “Don’t Want You Back” still remains as one of my faves of all time. I could have picked a more well-known song like “I Want It That Way” or “Shape of My Heart,” both of which are major tunes, but you know how I am by now.

I had the honor of seeing Backstreet Boys perform this song live on their In A World Like This Tour. It’s the only time I’ve seen them live, and I was SO GLAD they sang this one.

Fun fact: “Don’t Want You Back” was supposed to be a single, but Nick convinced them to release “The One” instead.

Anyways, this song is pop music at its best. They really don’t make great pop songs like this anymore. I don’t think words can put the song to justice because it’s such a massive tune! I mean, once you listen to the song, you’ll know all the words. And you’ll want to sing—belt along when you learn them because it’s SO GODDAMN CATCHY!

A little story before I stop ranting about the amazingness of this song: My friends and I arrived to the venue early enough to hear their soundcheck, and this was one of the songs they did. It was funny because AJ hadn’t arrived inside the venue yet, and he starts the song. So for the first verse, it was literally just the music up until Nick’s pre-chorus. That’s also proof that they DO NOT lip sync. Seeing them live is an experience; videos and recordings don’t do them justice whatsoever.



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