Moulin Rouge Book Tag

It’s Sunday, so it’s time for a book tag! You know, I’m glad I decided to make this a weekly thing. I really enjoy book tags because it’s like showing off what you’ve read and how weird your taste in books is. They also make me realize that sometimes, I don’t read enough of a certain genre (ie. sci-fi/fantasy), so now I can try to broaden my reading horizons.

Anyways, I’m doing the Moulin Rouge Book Tag, which was started by two lovely people on Blogspot called Faith and Hannah. Props to them for making this up, because Moulin Rouge! happens to be one of my all-time favorite musical movies.

The film was initially released in 2001, so I was 9 at the time. However, I grew to love musicals in middle school thanks to the Phantom of the Opera, Across the Universe,  and August Rush. My love for musicals was born, and I fell in love with those films along with Moulin Rouge!

Moulin Rouge! is a celebration of love and inspiration, a story about a poet named Christian (played by Ewan McGregor) who is thrusted into the world of Moulin Rouge and falls deeply for the fairest courtesan of them all, Satine (played by Nicole Kidman). I absolutely adore this film and it’s hands down one of Baz Lurhman’s best works. Then again, I don’t think he’s EVER directed a bad film.

I’d ramble about how much I love the film, but you’re not here to read about that, now are you? Onto the book tag! Feel free to give this a go if you want.



When everyone thinks of pretty books, I feel like they automatically turn to YA or Chick Lit, and possibly Sci-Fi. But where’s the love for Historical Fiction? I mean, LOOK AT THIS COVER!! There’s a je ne sais quoi factor to it that reels you in. Not only the cover to Paris nice to look at, but the story, itself, is pretty top notch.


Answer: I don’t pretend to like a book for anyone, so I truly don’t have one for this. If I don’t like a book (ie. After and 50 Shades), then I’ll blatantly say “I DON’T LIKE THIS BOOK.”


les mis

Am I copping out by choosing a massive classic? I beg to differ. Since Les Mis is a classic historical fiction novel and the book is mahoosive, I initially told myself I’d never read it, seeing as I already knew the story by the musical and movie. But there’s so much in the story that NEEDS to be read that you can’t fit in a two hour Broadway/West End show or musical movie. I know it’s the wrong story, but this is definitely a “tale as old as time.”



As you guys are away, I just recently finished Geekerella and I definitely felt all the feels reading this one. It’s such an adorable, quirky, relatable spin to the fairy tale we’ve all grown to know and love.

I absolutely love how Elle isn’t afraid to be a Starfield stan, and she fangirls to her full potential. Like, you go, Elle! Don’t be afraid to stan what you like because at the end of the day, you’re allowed to be happy. And her acceptance at ExelsCon was spectacular, too. Everyone giving her bits of their costume in homage to her father…I cried.

And then there’s Prince Carmindor, himself, Darien Freeman. I think it’s great that he’s a massive Starfield fan too. He epitomizes that you can’t judge a book by its cover. I mean, a heartthrob soap star liking a nerdy ol’ show like Starfield? Elle’s stepsister Chloe was definitely heartbroken by that.



I remember reading these books back in the day, way before everyone started getting into Wicked. As much as I love Son of a Witch and reading about what happened to Liir, I was mildly disappointed because although I think Trisim is pretty badass, I DID NOT want Liir and her to be lovers. I’m just gonna end it here so I don’t rant about it.



I know I’ve mentioned this book a couple of times in other book tags, but my hat’s off to Pete for writing Gray because the storytelling of the narrator is just brilliant. He’s obviously a great lyricist as FOB’s key songwriter, but he takes that and hones his writing skills in this novel to something with more depth and heart. I don’t know what else to say. You should give this a read. You’d be surprised.



My initial though was the series would go out in a bang. It did, but the battle was lacking more for me and the whole Jacob imprinting on Renesmee was jus—it’s strange considering he’s like what, 18? And then she’s a newborn and that werewolf thing clicks in, and it’s just weird. It was just a very underwhelming ending to an over-hyped series.


norse myth

This was released the day after my birthday, and I’m just starting to read Norse Mythology. I should have started earlier, but I had my hands tied with Betrayed (and still do). I literally sat down and read it in one sitting yesterday and absolutely loved it! Neil Gaiman’s take on the Norse gods, particularly Thor, Odin, and Loki, is everything you’d expect from him—dark, yet lighthearted and very magical.

I found it really funny at the beginning when Loki took Sif’s gorgeous golden locks because I was sat there reading, going “HE LITERALLY SNATCHED HER WIG!” That was great. Anyways, I really love this book. You should definitely give it a read.



I genuinely didn’t start reading The Mortal Instruments series until hearing that Robert Sheehan was playing Simon in the City of Bones movie. I’ve heard of the books, but never looked into them because they didn’t interest me. And then…my friend told me that one of our favorite actors would be in it. OF COURSE I had to give them a read. I read binged all 5 (the final book hadn’t been released yet) and grew to like the series.

I find it a shame the fandom didn’t back the movie as much as I thought they would, because then only one wouldn’t have been made. But hey, there’s the TV series that everyone seems to love, so I guess it’s not too bad of a tradeoff (except possibly never seeing Robert Sheehan’s face on the big screen here again because he tends to stray away from big budget blockbusters).



I just really want Gutherie to be my friend. He seems like such a funny, carefree person, and I think we all need a friend like that to show us that there’s more to life than what society deems important.



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