4.24 SOTD

Another Monday, another start of the week. Hope everyone’s had an amazing weekend. I managed to get some writing done on the “Nails For Breakfast Tacks For Snacks” chapter yesterday, which is pretty exciting because that means I’m a step closer to it FINALLY being done. I didn’t do any editing on Betrayed, but oh well.

I spent last night reading Are We Smart Enough to Know How Smart Animals Are? and as someone who studied biology in school, I enjoyed it heaps. I learned so much about species cognition and how humans just assume that animals are baited to act/react a certain way when they’ve been ignoring natural instincts and whatnot. It’s really great if you’re into that kind of stuff (like me).

Anyways, here’s today’s song of the day!

let it burn

If you didn’t watch Eurovision two years ago or aren’t Swedish, then you most likely have never head of Måns Zelmerlöw. I’m so glad that I’ve avidly been watching Eurovision  over the past…I wanna say 5 years now? If I hadn’t, then I wouldn’t know who the hell he is, either.

Måns won it in 2015 with his brilliant song “Heroes.” I was pulling for Australia’s Guy Sebastian, but I think he won fair and square because the song and the effects for his performance were brilliant. And him hosting Eurovision with Petra last year was gold. Their parody about creating the perfect song, “Love Love Peace Peace,” was better than any of the actual entries.  Obviously, I had to look more into his music.

And so, I discovered this lil’ number on his 2015 album Perfectly Damaged. Real question: can Swedes do pop music injustice? I don’t think so, and “Let It Burn” is proof. This is my favorite song off of the album (sorry, “Heroes”) because it’s just so…amazing lyrically, vocally, and um…melodically.

The song starts with him singing “They say we’re gonna crash/We’ve got so much to learn, our ways are childish.”

And it’s like “ok, so this song is about just going for whatever life throws at you at full speed.”

I feel like I’m gonna run on a huge tangent if I go any further, so I’ll just say that the drop to this beat is dope and the chorus is so catchy. I mean, I really like it and it has such a positive message about how to approach life and any obstacles you need to overcome:

We’re not afraid of the fire
We’re not afraid to get scarred
We’ll face the world together
And never drift apart

And now we’re heading for somewhere
Somewhere we don’t know
We’re not afraid of the fire, so let it burn
Just let it burn

‘It’s a major bop and makes you want to just be like “YEAH, I’M NOT AFRAID!” If you give this a listen and absolutely love it, you’re welcome.


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