4.25 SOTD

Happy Tuesday! Hope everyone’s doing alright. I’m pretty excited because I have majority of “Nails For Breakfast Tacks For Snacks” written. SO CLOSE TO THE END! I’ll post a portion of it for tomorrow’s #WritingWednesday.

Here’s today’s SOTD.

les filles

I caught up on the new The Voice France episode yesterday, and one of the battles on Team Zazie was to this gorgeous duet: “Les Filles d’aujourd’hui.” (The Girls of today)

I absolutely adore the simplicity and fragility of this song. The key elements in it are Joyce Jonathan and Vianney’s voices and a piano. They’re both amazing artists, by the way.

Anyways, this song is about how girls of today’s society don’t know what they want when it involves matters of the heart.

Elles sont énervantes les filles d’aujourd’hui.
Et malheuresement j’en fait partie.
Elles sont trop hésitantes les filles d’aujourd’hui.
Elles savent pas ce qu’elles veulent,
Elles savent pas dire
Which translates to:
They are disconcerting, today’s girls
And unfortunately, I’m one of the kind
They’re too hesitating, today’s girls
They don’t know what they want
They don’t know how to say
It’s a bit of a compare/contrast because the next verse goes:
Les gens de mon temps s’enlacent
Et de ce temps les gens se lassent
Soudainement tout s’efface
Au moment de la préface
People of my time hug each other
And in this time, people get tired of each other
Suddenly, everything’s erased
When it comes to the preface
But then the chorus talks about how we’re idiots for love and questions if going from one place to another, basically fooling around, is really living. The next verse basically talks about how girls go from one lover to the next, traveling like the wind, and asks if they know boys do it too (of course!).
It’s seriously a beautiful song. You should check it out because Joyce and Vianney’s voices are perfectly matched and I don’t even know what else to say. It might make your heart melt. I’ll give you that warning.



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