4.26 SOTD

Happy Wednesday, everybody! Can you believe we’re midweek already? It’s crazy how much it’s flown by. We’re nearly at the end of April too (thank goodness!), which is also pretty insane to think about. Get ready for today’s #WritingWednesday coming up a little later. You’ll probably laugh and go “WTF?” and I promise it’ll be entertaining.

Before I give you today’s song of the day, I’d like like to (not) apologize for it being another Francophone artist. I love that showcasing my music, although it may not be the same taste as yours, is allowing me to introduce you to artists who you might have never heard of in your life, especially non-American/British artists.

Without further ado, here’s today’s song of the day!


Currently stuck in a Francophone music bubble and loving it. I absolutely love Fréro Delavega’s folky, easy vibes. The competed on The Voice in the same season as Kendji and were on the same team as his: Mika’s.

Sous les étoiles” (Under the stars) is definitely a song I’d listen to whilst star gazing, driving to nowhere, or chilling on the beach at night with friends. It has such a dreamy, reggae vibe to it. It’s such a beautiful song lyrically, as well.

The song personifies stars as a memory, a bookmark for time. I don’t think I can do the song justice by telling you about it, so I’ll just give you the first two verses so you get a feel of what I want to say, but can’t.

Sous les étoiles
À des années lumière
Soleil dans le décor
Qu’elle brille d’un peu plus haut
Qu’il nous rappelle
Qu’ici et même ailleurs
Nos vies et plus encore
Elle n’est jamais de trop
Même quand le soir
Perdu loin des lumières
Que tout replonge au noir
Au fond de ma mémoire
Qu’il me rappelle
Qu’ici et même ailleurs
Il n’est jamais trop tard
Il ne vient au hasard
Which translates to:
Under the stars
Light years away
Sun in the scene
It shines a little higher
It reminds us
Here and elsewhere
Our lives and yet more
It is never too much
Even when the evening
Lost far from the lights
That plunges everything back into black
Deep in my memory
It reminds me
Here and elsewhere
It’s never too late
It doesn’t happen by chance
So beautiful, isn’t it? Definitely go on Youtube and give it a listen if you’re into Jack Johnson, Jason Mraz, etc. or just want a new nice, feel-good song to listen to.



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