4.27 SOTD

Thursday: nearly at the weekend, but not quite there yet. Hope you guys have had a good day yesterday. Today, we’re back to our regularly scheduled emo. Okay, that’s a joke, but today’s song of the day belongs to the genre of music I listen to a lot: alternative.


With Confidence is one of my favorite “newer” bands. My amazing Aussie friend Tiffany introduced me to their music a couple years ago, and it’s amazing how much they’ve accomplished this past year. We were both ecstatic and stupefied when we heard that they signed with Hopeless Records, one of the best indie record labels out there, and they’ve been smashing it since. I wouldn’t have known they existed prior to that if it weren’t for her.

Yeah, With Confidence named a song after a Harry Potter character. There’s a good explanation for this being called “Voldemort.

This song is pretty upbeat and happy sounding, but the song talks about dealing with depression and looking out for the brighter days ahead. In the first verse, the girl doubts herself, but he’s saying that she doesn’t have to deal with it alone.

I remember the first night that she said
“Oh maybe I can do this on my own”
And despite all the reassurances and reoccurrences
You will not be alone

But there’s this last bit in the chorus that real sinks in for me:

Despite the weather, it gets better
You won’t do this alone

Now, you’re probably wondering what’s with the title. Voldemort is the equivalent of anything that’s keeping you down. A lot of people have a variety of mental illnesses (me included), and they struggle to fight it. But just like Harry Potter, nobody has to do it alone—he beat Voldemort with the help of Hermione, Ron, and everyone else at Hogwarts.




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