4.30 SOTD

Happy Sunday, everybody! So, my sister graduated college yesterday and wow…time really does fly by. Hope everyone’s had a lovely weekend. I’m thinking about going on a hike today… Here’s today’s song of the day!


As you guys know by now (I did a freaking book tag of them!), I’m a huge All Time Low fan. So far, I really like the songs they’ve released for their upcoming album Last Young Renegade. Since they dropped “Life of the Party” on Friday, I knew I had to make this my SOTD today. I think it’s a pretty great song to end the month.

This song is so different from what they usually release. It’s got a more pop edge to it, but there’s still elements of All Time Low in it. I remember Alex saying that the record is very personal to him, but his bandmates are just as featured; the music video is proof since they all receive roughly the same amount of screen time as him. This song is something you can jam to at a party or just by yourself. It’s making me very excited for this next chapter of the band. You should give this song a listen!


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