#WritingWednesday: Marquilla holds Audrey back

It’s Wednesday; you know what that means. Welcome to the first #WritingWednesday of May! It’s been a blustery week so far, with winds speeding up to 20 mph, but it’s cooled down a little and thankfully isn’t as humid as it was over the weekend.

The Exposed series is my baby, as you guys know. I’m currently querying out the first book, which has now reached 4.5K reads, and took a little detour with working on the second book. However, I’ve finally started working on Betrayed edits again and doing some MAJOR re-writing. Frankly, I forgot how much I’m changing in this second book.

I just posted a new Betrayed chapter a few days ago here . Ironically, this is the chapter I’m on in my edits. I’m so in sync, I know! Today’s little excerpt will be an edited scene, which probably means you won’t know about the Marquilla/Audrey deal if you’ve been reading . This happens right after Marquilla gives the girls the okay to leave the dance studio, and before she heads home. She has a few…issues to discuss with Audrey.

Hope you enjoy this new, edited content. I’ll see you Friday for the 10 Happy Things post!

xoxo – F

Audrey tries to make a run for it, but I grab her arm before she can make it out the door. She still attempts to escape by shaking me off. Thing is, she knows the hole she’s digging by resisting my attention. She’s not doing herself any favors by running away, especially since she’s a model.

“What do you want?” she snaps. “Can’t I leave like everyone else?”

“Nope. You need to give me the dirt on Sofia and Freddie. Now come sit and spill!”

Audrey tosses her ponytail back and scoffs. And those exposing rats say I’m a diva! Please. She leans against the door frame, takes a drink from her water bottle, then crosses her arms over her chest. The girl is being extra because I’ve asked her to stay. Boo fucking hoo.

“You signed a contract,” I remind her. I unfold her arms and stand so close to her, I can feel her hot breath on my face. “Do you need a reminder of the deets? I’d be happy to list them out if you want.”

“I can’t believe I did that!” she scolds herself. “Ugh! We might as well get it over with now. I really want to get home so I can catch up on Dancing With the Stars.”

“You’ll live. Now c’mon!”

Audrey tails me like a stubborn child, walking slowly and keeping her distance as I lead us to the center of the studio. Since she plans on acting like a kid, I might as well treat her like one. And if that means I have to point out where she should sit, so be it! I should coax the info out of her like a child, too.

“What am I, two?” she questions as she pops a squat. “You don’t need to pick my seat.”

“You insist on acting like a grumpy kid, so I’m treating you like one,” I explain. I sit before her and smile sweetly. “Now Audrey, dear, tell me about those Gigante siblings. How are your friends?”

“They’re fine,” she grumbles, keeping her eyes on the hardwood floor rather than me. Rude. “Nothing’s really happening. Sofia’s in the process of starting promo for her al—”

“That album is so gonna flop!” I interrupt. “And she’s calling it Sincerely, Sofi. What the hell is she doing—writing a letter? Who names their debut album something as stupid as that?”

“…she’s doing promo soon,” Audrey continues as if I never interrupted her. “And Fedez’s in Paris with Lindsay. He has a sound engineering job at some studio. Apparently they shoot The Voice there.”

“That can’t be it. Please tell me  there’s more. That’s so boring! There HAS TO be gossip! I know Sofia’s far from innocent, Audrey. Freddie isn’t exactly a saint, either. I know how they work. WHAT ELSE IS THERE, REINHARD? SPILL!”

“Dammit!” she mutters under her breath. She sighs and finally faces me, disheartened. “Look, I wouldn’t be telling you this if you weren’t so vindictive and could kill me. Sofia lowkey smokes weed and a little birdie might have told me Glory might be filming its last season soon.”

“That doesn’t make sense. Sofia isn’t even the star of Glory. Gloria Powers i—”

“The lead actress? Yeah, I know. But since Sofia’s about to be a mega pop star, Gloria’s jealous. She should be the one receiving more attention than Sofia, but you can’t deny vocals like hers. Touring with Jason last year sealed the deal. They had to work shooting around the tour schedule since Sofia doesn’t exactly have a minor role in the show.”

I flash a sinister smile and chuckle. If the star of Glory is supposed to be Sofia’s friend, this can only spell trouble. This is probably the best news I’ve heard in weeks!

“Get up, Model! I’m leaving, and you’re coming with. We have some plotting to do.”




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