5.5 SOTD

Happy Cinco de Mayo and first Friday of May! Hope everyone had an amazing Star Wars Day yesterday. I geared for Eurovision next week by listening to all the songs whilst typing up edits.

See you soon for my 10 Happy Things post. Enjoy your Friday, and here’s today’s song of the day.

slow hands

The real question is, how could I NOT make this today’s song of the day? I was a pretty huge One Direction fan from mid-2011 to the hiatus announcement, and I’ve dived into everyone’s solo stuff. Fun fact: Niall has always been my fave.

I love the contrast of “Slow Hands” to “This Town.” Niall’s debut single was a beautiful, simple acoustic track while this second release is a little more upbeat, something you could hear in the background of a teen drama.

I love how everyone’s reaction to this song was like “WOAH, THIS IS SEXY!” and stuff like that. What does everyone think, that he’s a little kid? The title, itself, is quite suggestive; that should have been a little hint.

I really dig “Slow Hands” and it’s definitely a song I’ve been listening to A LOT since it was released yesterday. If I had to compare it to any 1D song, I’d pit it against “Temporary Fix” from Made in the AM or “No Control” from Four.

You’ve most likely seen the buzz on every other social media platform, but definitely give this song a listen. Even if you don’t like One Direction, you have to admit it’s a pretty good tune.


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