5.6 SOTD

Happy Saturday, everybody! Hope everyone had a fantastic Cinco de Mayo yesterday and didn’t appropriate the holiday. I had an alright day. Did some reading, editing, and caught up on my fave Youtubers.

Eurovision is in exactly a week, so I thought it’d be cool for these next 7 song of the days to be Eurovision-related. I love how this year’s theme is #celebratediversity. Yes, Eurovision!!! That’s EXACTLY what we need to do wit hall this division happening right now. I’ll probably make up a Eurovision book tag next Sunday to finish off the theme, as I already have tomorrow’s book tag post ready.

Anyways, here’s today’s song of the day to kick it all off.


I remember watching this three years ago going “wow, why isn’t THIS the Bond song? Sam Smith WHO?!?!!” Conchita Wurst’s “Rise Like a Phoenix” definitely gives off Bond film vibes with the violins in the beginning. It even oozed Bond in the performance! She begins the song quiet and crescendos in the end. If you go look it up and watch her performance, you’ll understand why she won the entire thing in 2012.

Not only is this empowering song one for the books, but Conchita’s win was also quite controversial, as she’s a drag act. Honestly, she was probably the most camp act that year solely because of that despite her actual performance being classy and stunning. Yet the Austrian songstress won the hearts of the delegates and the world, and proved that labels and boundaries SHOULD NOT define anyone.

Since winning, Conchita has released an amazing debut album, which features this song. You should definitely give it a listen. You won’t regret it.


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