5.7 SOTD

Happy Sunday, everybody! Y’all, the Eurovision mania is sinking in. I’m listening to the playlist as I write this and I’ve spent a good chunk of my day yesterday watching interviews and Youtubers’ faves to win. I might as well get on with today’s song. Tune in later for today’s book tag!!


Brendan Murray’s “Dying To Try” is this year’s Ireland entry and it is one of my faves. It’s been four years since Ireland made it to the grand final (2013 with Ryan Dolan), and I think this song deserves a place. This song is definitely a grower—many didn’t like the song when it was initially released—and Brendan’s voice is one of those you either love it or hate it ones.

I actually loved the song from the first listen. I recall Brendan saying that the song’s about “taking a leap of faith” for love, and you can just feel the emotion in his voice. Honestly, it touched me when I first heard it. Brendan reminds me of Mika in the way that his range is unreal; this song would be so difficult for any guy to sing because of those top notes. He’s seriously reaching notes that not even the female vocalists can reach all while pouring his heart out in the song.

I absolutely love it. It might not be your cup tea at first, but give this song a few listens, and you’ll probably appreciate it the way I do.


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