MIKA Book Tag

Sundays are for book tags and I decided to create another one for you rather than dig one out of the archives. I hope everyone’s having a lovely first weekend of May. It’s been quite the trip.

I give you guys the MIKA Book Tag! Mika is one of my favorite male vocalists. Everyone knows “Grace Kelly” and “Big Girl (You Are Beautiful,” or so I assume, but those who aren’t fans and don’t know his less popular songs are missing out. Mika never fails to create music and art that’s insightful, powerful, all while expressing his own individuality.

I fell out of his music for a few years, listening to more bands and whatnot, but I’ve recently taken to pop artists I used to love—Mika being one of them. I’m so glad I re-discovered his music four months before his album No Place in Heaven was released because his work is astounding.

His first album, Life in Cartoon Motion was a smash with one of the most beautifully written song “Over My Shoulder” as a hidden track to “Happy Ending,” and sophomore album The Boy Who Knew Too Much definitely didn’t slump. Third album The Origin of Love took a different and lyrically a little darker spin, but nevertheless created pop gold, spawning hits like “Popular Song” with a lesser-known Ariana Grande and “Elle Me Dit,” the French version of “Emily.” Then No Place in Heaven was released, which produced one one of my faves, “Good Guys.”

Not only does Mika have a crazy amazing range and has honed his craft to perfection, but he’s also a kind, humble person. I just really admire him as a person and an artist.

Enough talk, here’s the book tag. Feel free to give this a try, and I’ll see you later!

xoxo – F


Beautiful Disaster – a story about forbidden love


Student/teacher relationships are always taboo, aren’t they? Well, Loving Mr. Daniels is one of those. I normally cringe at these type of stories and stay as far away from them as possible, but the reviews on Goodreads seem positive enough that I might have to give it a read some time.



Big Girl (You Are Beautiful) – a book about body image 


Jemima is bigger girl with two slim flatmates who take advantage of her kindness and make fun of her weight. She develops an internet relationship with journalist Brad and has to lose weight in order to matched the photoshopped image of her face on a slimmer body in her profile when they agree to meet. Despite the troubles, Jemima accepts her body for what it is and she and Brad start a real relationship after they realize that their attraction runs deeper than appearances.



Boum Boum Boum – a racy book (or erotica novel)


I had to go for the obvious because I simply don’t read erotica or anything like it. I haven’t even read this book or seen the movie!



Celebrate – a story that makes you happy

christmas with billy

This novella is such a cute lil’ continuation of Billy and Me filled with romance and the Christmas spirit. It will also make you you hungry because of the amount of food mentioned, but it’ll definitely put a smile on your face and make you feel all warm and fuzzy at the end.



Grace Kelly – a book about (non)conformity


I remember reading Stargirl in grade school and absolutely loving it. Unlike every other teen at Mica Area High School, Susan Caraway, aka “Stargirl,” doesn’t buy into the whole conformity thing and she embraces her differences. It was a game changer and made me realize that it’s okay to be different. It’s such a great book, and I think every kid should read it.

last party

Last Party – an end of the world/post-apocalyptic story


I’m so excited for Skin & Earth Vol. 1 to be released in July and the album to be released… whenever it’s scheduled. I read the first 11 pages on Nerdist on Friday and it looks AMAZING! I don’t read a lot of graphic novels or comics, but this one will definitely be a read. En Jin (yeah, like “engine,” which a dude points out in the intro) to me is like a Buffy-type character. She’s a badass female who, instead of slaying vampires and dealing with supernatural creatures, fights the government for what’s right. I don’t know who The Priest is, but my guess is they’re like her Giles. I could be wrong, but it’s not a bad guess.


Popular Song – a Cinderella retelling or story where the main character isn’t accepted at first, but is at the end


Geekerella is my absolute favorite Cinderella re-telling and it beautifully captures the fandom spirit to a tee. I think my favorite catch is that Prince Charming, himself, is also a bonafide nerd. A 10/10 for anyone who loves a good Cinderella story, especially one as unique and adorable as this one.



We Are Golden – a carefree character/someone who doesn’t follow the rules


The Weasley twins instantly came to mind. Fred and George are absolute legends. It’s no wonder their birthday is April Fools! They just have this spirit about them that can’t be mimicked or bottled, one that encapsulates a joy and (non-evil) destruction. I’m sure they’re down in Hogwarts’ history books by now as THE master jokesters and heroes. RIP Fred, though. He shouldn’t have died.


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